Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
61-80 of all 168,484 gems.
61130,505rails-html-sanitizerHTML sanitization for Rails applications
62129,814pumaPuma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly parallel HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack app...
63129,385tiltGeneric interface to multiple Ruby template engines
64128,660rack-testRack::Test is a small, simple testing API for Rack apps. It can be used on its own or a...
65127,169rubocopRuboCop is a Ruby code style checking and code formatting tool. It aims to enforce ...
66126,776rainbowColorize printed text on ANSI terminals
67125,875ruby-progressbarRuby/ProgressBar is an extremely flexible text progress bar library for Ruby. The outpu...
68123,383websocket-driverWebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O
69122,974crassCrass is a pure Ruby CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 spec.
70122,528actionmailerEmail on Rails. Compose, deliver, and test emails using the familiar controller/view pa...
71121,882railtiesRails internals: application bootup, plugins, generators, and rake tasks.
72121,850rspecBDD for Ruby
73120,180mailA really Ruby Mail handler.
74119,238railsRuby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sust...
75118,901activejobDeclare job classes that can be run by a variety of queuing backends.
76118,739coderayFast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages, written in Ruby. Comes with R...
77118,246regexp_parserA library for tokenizing, lexing, and parsing Ruby regular expressions.
78118,211erubiErubi is a ERB template engine for ruby. It is a simplified fork of Erubis
79118,177faraday-net_http_persistentFaraday adapter for NetHttpPersistent
80117,370globalidURIs for your models makes it easy to pass references around.