Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157081-157100 of all 161,061 gems.
48,9560hola_hsgubertA simple hello world gem
48,9560corsetA ruby gem to set the right CORS configuration for an S3 bucket.
48,9560ahaymond-extjs4-railsRails asset gem for Sencha's Ext JS Framework
48,9560yard-benchYARD plugin, which adds a benchmarking results to YARDoc
48,9560untied-consumer-syncUntied Consumer Synchronizer.
48,9560rocket_smsRocketSMS is a EventMachine-based SMPP Gateway
48,9560rd3enable domain driven design approach via POROs and Repositories vs Rails' ActiveRecord
48,9560bio-img_metadataReads metadata from Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG) metadata files into a programmat...
48,9560we-rspecRSpec extensions for we.gem
48,9560vagrant-brightboxEnables Vagrant to manage servers in Brightbox Cloud.
48,9560supertermA terminal that focuses on remote control for various events.
48,9560super_cacheA simple caching middleware for rails
48,9560studiogame_ebertjRead me.
48,9560heimdallr-kaminariHeimdallr extension to properly wrap Kaminari methods
48,9560colbySmall wrapper and functions for persistent, immutable data structures.
48,9560angular-on-railsThe edge version of angular js for Ruby On Rails
48,9560search_qdSearchQd provides a search method for string/text columns of an ActiveRecord model. The...
48,9560resourcedWIP - not for production
48,9560rack-synctimeRack::Synctime is a simple Rack middleware that returns sync time (time when request st...