Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157061-157080 of all 161,061 gems.
48,9560reneedv_gemRenée really teaching about Jeweler and Beer
48,9560multi_htmlA generic swappable back-end for HTML minifiers
48,9560word_referenceA Ruby wrapper for the WordReference.com Dictionary API
48,9560webbusCapability-based message bus for sockets and websockets clients
48,9560vagrant-portvagrant forwarded-port querying plugin
48,9560poseidon-apiAn API to interact with the Poseidon system
48,9560pipe_line_dealerA Ruby library that implements the PipelineDeals.com API.
48,9560pali-canonthere are many uncertainties about this project so I dont know:)
48,9560lunetaAn über simple web microframework built on rack and tilt.
48,9560custom555custom555, will provide some of the useful math functionalities like add, substract, mu...
48,9560autotagAutotag content gem
48,9560sprockets-cache-memcacheA Memcache cache store for Sprockets, built on the base of sprockets-cache-redis
48,9560proximoProvides client-side ActiveModel records that consume REST JSON APIs
48,9560speakeasyGenerator for sinatra apps pre-wired for coffeescript, scss, and slim templates.
48,9560omniauth-behanceOmniAuth strategy for Behance
48,9560napoleanA tool to collect and submit system metrics to Librato Metrics
48,9560jgrouper-shellJGrouper interactive shell
48,9560intro_qmrtest description
48,9560hypemanWrite a gem description