Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
157061-157080 of all 157,140 gems.
36,7080jabber4r-reviveThe purpose of this library is to allow Ruby applications to talk to a Jabber IM syste...
36,7080guard-cocoapodsA guard plugin for CocoaPods.
36,7080fourchan-urlerProvide the thread number and board information given 4chan url
36,7080exif_weatherGet weather information based on GPS information of JPEG.
36,7080bowling_game_wilbertcrConsole Bowling Game Score Calculator
36,7080sikulioA Page Object style framework leveraging Sikuli
36,7080safety_razorSafety Razor - A Ruby client for the Razor API.
36,7080moodleQuizDownloaderDownloads Quizzes from Moodle as PDF
36,7080geonGeo data provider
36,7080sprackSpray based Rack Handler for JRuby Apps
36,7080rummLift heavy things inside your Rackspace
36,7080percolatorSimple particle-based physics engine
36,7080jamesgolick-draperDraper adds an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails apps.
36,7080gtranslateTranslate your english scripts to any language using ruby
36,7080date_range_solr_queryGenerates a date range query to send to Solr.
36,7080cheap_stringsCheap string literals for Ruby
36,7080argumentativeFlexible argument processing in a readable, declarative style!
36,7080redactor-rails-paperclipThe redactor-rails gem integrates the Redactor editor without devise and with paperclip...
36,7080oceanicLibrary for interaction with the DigitalOcean API.
36,7080lunaScriptable macroing client for Java games, written in Ruby.