Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
159561-159580 of all 159,751 gems.
34,2560tb_searchSpud Search is a base search interface for use on tb core
34,2560spree_sale_productsAdd (optional) gem description here
34,2560spree_google_merchantAdd (optional) gem description here
34,2560SAVAGESavage is a graphics language layered on top of SVG, in the spirit of Sass and Haml.
34,2560ruby-mantaA simple low-abstraction layer which communicates with Joyent's Manta service.
34,2560regex_methodDefine methods with a regex.
34,2560pin-paymentsA wrapper for the Pin Payments (https://pin.net.au/) API
34,2560lita-hipchatA HipChat adapter for Lita.
34,2560hash_queryQuery nested hashed using glob expressions
34,2560google-api-client-railsRails wrapper around google-api-client gem
34,2560gdata-backupGoogle Drive backup
34,2560gazrFlexible, Simple alternative to Guard. Watchr for Ruby 1.9.3 and beyond.
34,2560gapinc-fogThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
34,2560compositionComposition for ActiveRecord models
34,2560circular-mailMass email sending through smtp, rfc-2822 standard. Highly configurable, and feature ri...
34,2560angular-tabsSimple angular directive for declaring tabs.
34,2560ancestry-treeviewAn extension of ancestry gem to show a tree view
34,2560ada_devA gem to automate Ada Dev life
34,2560yepkeynav-railsRails engine to support yepKeyNav.