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167141-167160 of all 167,214 gems.
61,3390pure-place-railsThis is Yahoo's Pure CSS framework, but with sass placeholders instead of basic css. It...
61,3390neo4j_clientConnects to a Neo4J database using the REST interface but executes ...
61,3390laraibRuby client library for pump.io
61,3390helpdeskHelpesk includes: tickets, ticket types, email-notification, FAQ, subscribers
61,3390halvsiesa half-page/half-div mixin.
61,3390fuzzy_associative_memoryA Fuzzy Associative Memory (FAM for short) is a Fuzzy Logic tool for decision making. F...
61,3390faye-onlineFaye Online user list and time count
61,3390sinatra-pepperA gem for loading sinatra extensions by condition, like chanko or chili gem for sinatra
61,3390regionalRegional allows defining regions and testing what's inside it.
61,3390nurettin-prawnPrawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
61,3390motion-converserAllows RubyMotion projects to easily embed the Converser SDK
61,3390mongoid-tag-collectibleEasily maintain a collection of Tag instances with aggregate counts from your model's t...
61,3390maestro_shellA ruby library to help with the creation of Maestro plugins that need Shell functionality
61,3390librmdpA ruby implementation of the ZeroMQ majordomo pattern v0.1
61,3390lawnLawn Test Framework for Natural Unit Testing
61,3390jabber4r-reviveThe purpose of this library is to allow Ruby applications to talk to a Jabber IM syste...
61,3390guard-cocoapodsA guard plugin for CocoaPods.
61,3390fourchan-urlerProvide the thread number and board information given 4chan url
61,3390exif_weatherGet weather information based on GPS information of JPEG.
61,3390sikulioA Page Object style framework leveraging Sikuli