Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
167981-168000 of all 168,484 gems.
65,5590mongomapper-archiveAdd simple archive / soft delete functionality to your MongoMapper models.
65,5590liltestA small test-framework with Rspec-like syntax
65,5590jquery_datepickView helper that allows to select dates from a calendar using jQuery DatePick (http://k...
65,5590iron-spectC# project file parser and inspector
65,5590ircbgbAn IRC client library geared toward writing custom clients and bots
65,5590httpserverStart a http server in any directory
65,5590hardstatusHardstatus helpers for screen, because tmux just does not cut it for me.
65,5590xmlsoccerGem to interface with the xmlsoccer.com API
65,5590vagrant-free-memoryVagrant plugin example from the book Vagrant: Up and Running
65,5590strava-api-v2API to access strava API, v2
65,5590starting_blocks-blinkyTurn colors when tests are run.
65,5590scorebuttA fake scorebot for uptime reporting.
65,5590redis-bloomfilterAdds Redis::Bloomfilter class which can be used as ditributed bloom filter implementati...
65,5590pry-windowsMakes it easier to get utf-8 support for pry in windows
65,5590privateerA library for writing private apps for Shopify
65,5590hatolenceWrapper for hate_crimes api
65,5590grape-client-generatorAutomatically generate clients for your Grape APIs.
65,5590gcm_for_chromeGoogle Cloud Message for Chrome gem
65,5590refinerycms-tweetsA Refinery CMS engine to add Twitter functionality.
65,5590necroSomething small for process management