Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
175801-175820 of all 181,034 gems.
144,5050bootstrap3_helperSimple gem for rapidly building bootstrap 3 components
144,5050CRA_logic_deepgemAlgorithm to find errors in file
144,5050boost-dnz-clientRuby library for accessing Digital New Zealand's search API (digitalnz.org)
144,5050boostrap_modal_railsWrapper for boostrap-model library
144,5050avoid_has_permalink_duplicatesThis is an add-on to avoid 'has_permalink' gem duplicates/conflicts in Rails by adding ...
144,5050wechat-jsapiWechat JS API Library is a wrapper for calling Wechat JS APIs. 微信社交库封装了对微信JS API的调用。
144,5050bootsnap-pr-184Boot large ruby/rails apps faster
144,5050CRA_logic_shraddhagemAlgorithm to find errors in file
144,5050wikiWiki is a single-page application for browsing and editing content distributed througho...
144,5050bootstrap_datepicker_tagView helper that allow to select date from calendar using bootstrap library
144,5050business_dayDate calculations based on business calendars
144,5050chickenSCSS add-ons for Edison Union.
144,5050casual-apiA simple web server
144,5050wheneverize-bundler-auditSchedules daily task using whenever for Gemfile audit using bundler-audit that just rai...
144,5050bootstrap_form-datetimepickerbootstrap_form add-on to embed bootstrap-datetimepicker simply.
144,5050win32olerotwin32olerot provides an adjunct to the standard WIN32OLE Ruby library for access to the...
144,5050apiqlImplementation of the API language similar to GraphQL for Ruby on Rails
144,5050vkontakterFor most popular in russia social network, api wrapper
144,5050bootstrap-cdn-railsBootstrap CDN support for Rails 3 and 4