Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
175801-175820 of all 176,787 gems.
131,4650rubualizationsGem that creates a google visualization data source from hashes passed to it.
131,4650short_circuitShort Circuit adds simple presenters for Rails views.
131,4650recommendify-rubyRecommendify is a distributed, incremental item-based recommendation engine for binary ...
131,4650rbtree2RB-Trees supported Ruby2
131,4650unrefineUndefines the 'refine' method from Module
131,4650toml-rubyLibrary for parsing TOML inifile format
131,4650tomlpParse the TOML specificatin
131,4650theme_parktheme_park is a flexible multiple theme plugin for rails3, sinatra, and more...it's rac...
131,4650scrapinghubSimple interface to Scrapinghub's API
131,4650rappfirstSee Readme.md
131,4650erlixRun ruby as an Erlang Node!
131,4650typable_mapTypableMap library inspired by TweetIrcGateway and FacebookIrcGateway
131,4650tockIt's a parser for TOML written in Ruby.
131,4650sylrplm_extPLM extensions: select in/out, select in list,
131,4650structxsturctx is a Ruby library that extends standard Struct
131,4650stompserver_ngSTOMP Next Generation Ruby server.
131,4650sqlloadsqlload inspects a directory hierarchy: for each subdirectory, sqlload offers to execut...
131,4650ruby-oisA ruby binding for OIS.
131,4650reddinga gem
131,4650rails-mark_requirementsexpose presence-validation in a more controller-friendly manner