Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
180781-180800 of all 181,034 gems.
144,5050annotranslateRails plugin which provides annotation and import/export of translatable strings to/fro...
144,5050workflowableFlexible workflow gem.
144,5050bitstamp-rbtc-arbitrageRuby API for use with bitstamp.
144,5050cwmpA ruby library for parsing and crafting CWMP messages. Includes an ACS server and a CPE...
144,5050defacerFavors speed over size of minified JS, works on any ruby platform, works well with the ...
144,5050camertron-rails-assets-codemirrorThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
144,5050btrackEnables tracking and querying of any activity in a website or process with minimum memo...
144,5050zendesk_engineThis engine provides a controller to create tickets through zendesk API
144,5050youtubeDLWrapper for youtube-dl. You must have youtube-dl (http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/) ins...
144,5050concurrent-pollingConcurrency based polling.
144,5050copyrightAdds a method for copyright period
144,5050yahoo_countries_and_provincesGenerates a list of all the countries and provinces using Yahoo's YQL.
144,5050cinch-eval-inA Cinch plug-in to evaluate Ruby code on https://eval.in.
144,5050bsi-pipelineplugin for pipeline that provides importers and models for migrating data to bsi
144,5050data_kittenGet dataset metadata in a consistent format - no matter what you throw at it
144,5050cocoapods-ack_filterFilter out licenses with pattern from Pods-acknowledgements.plist
144,5050date_plusAdditional methods for date objects
144,5050cardsCardWallGen is a program that reads a requirements map and generates a view of it. Ty...
144,5050career_profilesProvides details on occupations by career interests.