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18,1232,892qonfigConfig. Defined as a class. Used as an instance. Support for inheritance and compositio...
210,1044,687symbiont-rubySymbiont is a cool implementation of proc-objects execution algorithm: in the context o...
312,2285,416smart_core(in active development) A set of common abstractions
412,9884,273armitage-rubocopA set of rubocop settings used in my own projects.Support for: vanilla ruby, rspec, rails.
564,21245,791evil_eventsUltra simple, but very flexible and fully customizable event subsystem for ruby applica...
667,87842,980jainaSimple programming language builder inspired by interpreter pattern. You can build your...
775,03942,980any_cacheAnyCache - a simplest cache wrapper that provides a minimalistic generic interface for ...
897,062161,036trinityIN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT
9130,200120,462frostThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
12155,430120,462reagentWrite a longer description or delete this line.
16153,59834,163huiesisThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.