Nerdrew's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
14,8824,166rruleA gem for expanding dates according to the RRule specification
27,05061,339sqedulerWorks with Sidekiq scheduler to provides a highly available scheduler that can be run o...
316,22525,836gpgmehGPG Made Even (Happier|Hipper|Harder?)
417,00161,339rails-authA plugin-based framework for supporting multiple authentication and authorization syste...
535,76312,139active_record-sql_analyzerActiveRecord query logger and analyzer
649,49161,339interjectableA simple dependency injection library for unit testing
769,28761,339sidekiq-killswitchCross-host Sidekiq worker killswitches
876,29917,405debug_socketDebug Socket for running ruby processes
977,50061,339zk_recipesCommon Recipes for Zookeeper
1084,99061,339stash_core_apiMake basic auth requests to Stash Core REST API