Tarcieri's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19362nio4rCross-platform asynchronous I/O primitives for scalable network clients and servers. In...
2109233eventmachineEventMachine implements a fast, single-threaded engine for arbitrary network communicat...
3141144timersPure Ruby one-shot and periodic timers.
4147137sidekiqSimple, efficient background processing for Ruby.
5148167celluloidCelluloid enables people to build concurrent programs out of concurrent objects just as...
6199178celluloid-ioEvented IO for Celluloid actors
7276193httpAn easy-to-use client library for making requests from Ruby. It uses a simple method ch...
8317456systemuuniversal capture of stdout and stderr and handling of child process pid for windows, *...
9460344open4open child process with handles on pid, stdin, stdout, and stderr: manage child process...
10648690macaddrcross platform mac address determination for ruby
11668854require_allA wonderfully simple way to load your code
12857371ed25519A Ruby binding to the Ed25519 elliptic curve public-key signature system described in R...
139361,004buftokBufferedTokenizer extracts token delimited entities from a sequence of string inputs
149483,268fattra "fatter attr" for ruby
151,1046,297sessionpersistent connections with external programs like bash
161,234808rbnaclThe Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library provides a high-level toolkit for buildi...
171,2931,172eventmachine_httpserverEventMachine HTTP Server
181,4961,813optionsparse options from *args cleanly
191,6971,848cool.ioCool.io provides a high performance event framework for Ruby which uses the libev C lib...
201,9681,196rbnacl-libsodiumrbnacl with bundled libsodium
212,0891,969socketrySocketry wraps Ruby's sockets with an advanced timeout engine which is able to provide ...
222,1246,219rubyforgeA script which automates a limited set of rubyforge operations. * Run 'rubyforge help'...
232,1283,376maina class factory and dsl for generating command line programs real quick
242,1673,296arrayfieldsstring/symbol keyword access to arrays
252,6022,747lockfilea ruby library for creating perfect and NFS safe lockfiles
262,8246,474configurationruby configuration for your ruby programs
283,3391,248sysrandomSysrandom generates secure random numbers using /dev/urandom, getrandom(), etc
295,4268,035timeout-extensionsA timeout extension for Ruby which plugs into multiple timeout backends
326,72716,683iobufferfast buffers for non-blocking IO
336,78419,510reelA Celluloid::IO-powered HTTP server
348,9976,601celluloid-redisCelluloid::IO support for the redis-rb library
3511,02328,880tagztagz.rb is generates html, xml, or any sgml variant like a small ninja running ...
3611,95844,007revRev is a Ruby binding to the libev high performance event library
3712,1466,883ordoTools for working with the Ordo certificate format
3812,27344,007celluloid-zmqCelluloid bindings to the ffi-rzmq library
3912,96844,007terminatoran external timeout mechanism based on processes and signals
4013,22221,310cryptorA safe Ruby encryption library, designed to support features likemultiple active encryp...
4215,08344,007dcellDCell is an distributed object framework based on Celluloid built on 0MQ and Zookeeper
4315,85727,929reel-rackRack adapter for Reel
4416,62228,880slaveeasily start a drb server in another process
4517,12215,608rails-authA plugin-based framework for supporting multiple authentication and authorization syste...
4617,5056,621openssl-nonblockNon-blocking support for Ruby OpenSSL
4822,65544,007threadifymakes it stupid easy to process a bunch of data using n worker threads
4922,93444,007distribustreamDistribuStream is a fully open peercasting system allowing on-demand or live streaming ...
5024,90444,007forkoffdescription: forkoff kicks the ass
5125,24944,007smartimageSmartImage provides a cross-platform solution for image compositing that works on both ...
5225,86444,007kirkKirk is a wrapper around Jetty that hides all of the insanity and wraps your Rack appli...
5327,37644,007shareda clean way to factor class/instance mixins in ruby
5631,67344,007eventmachine-win32Ruby/EventMachine socket engine library- binary gem for Win32
5732,88644,007rqruby queue is a zero-admin zero-configuration tool used to create instant unix clusters
5935,64444,007revactorRevactor is an Actor implementation for writing high performance concurrent programs
6037,99244,007flingFling is a system for automating the exchange of files and directoriesover Tahoe-LAFS, ...
6239,47510,948x25519An efficient public key cryptography library for Ruby providing key exchange/agreement ...
6341,58744,007magicloaderPainless code dependency management. Think Bundler, but for managing file load or...
6644,38344,007tumblra command line utility and library which interfaces to the excellent tumblr blogging pl...
6848,48344,007irustiRust is an interactive REPL for Rust
6949,17144,007stashstash, a lower-level mustache
7257,84730,167miscreantMisuse-resistant authenticated symmetric encryption
7463,65844,007pistachioPistachio provides a simple HTTP long polling middleware for Rack which is backed by th...
7565,56044,007red25519Ruby wrappers for the Ed25519 public key signature system
7668,47244,007tjsonA JSON-compatible serialization format with rich type annotations
7768,61944,007esrlThe author was too lazy to write a description
7868,77544,007latticeA concurrent realtime web framework for Ruby
8073,21344,007load_globLoad all files matching a given glob, resolving dependencies automagically
8274,88544,007raptchadescription: raptcha kicks the ass
8580,71844,007lightrailLightrail slims Rails down to the bare essentials great JSON web services crave
8681,80144,007celluloid-dnsCelluloid::DNS provides a high-performance DNS client resolver and server which can b...
8893,33244,007eventmachine_snmpagentEvented SNMP Agent
9198,50344,007turbinePerformance-oriented stream processing built on Kafka and Zookeeper
98103,23144,007ring-nativeSnapshots of the *ring* cryptography library (ring-ffi) packages as gems
100106,72944,007cryptosphereA decentralized globally distributed peer-to-peer data archive
101112,27944,007runtime_infoGetting information about the current Ruby environment can be a bit arcane. Lots of sol...
102112,93844,007reeltalkWeb chat system using Celluloid+Reel+Websockets
103113,12644,007objecthashA way to cryptographically hash objects (in the JSON-ish sense) that works cross-langua...
104115,77344,007cifCryptosphere Identity Format (CIF) parser/generator
105117,58244,007confusionAn easy-to-use system for confidential messaging
106118,21030,167webbusCapability-based message bus for sockets and websockets clients
107118,41444,007youre_doing_it_wrongWarns you if you're doing it wrong
108118,94444,007epiphyteImmutable configuration management for disposable infrastructures
109133,63644,007boulangerieBoulangerie provides schemas, creation, and verification for the Macaroons bearer crede...
110138,53744,007hyprSuch Hypr! Very speed!
111141,78824,962zserA protobuf-inspired minimalistic serialization format with cryptographic authentication
112148,26844,007xstreamXSTREAM combines the X25519 Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman function" "with HKDF and the ...
113148,93844,007ithosRuby client library for Ithos, a modern LDAP-like directory server with support for sto...
114149,73644,007searSigned/encrypted archive: a security-oriented tar-like archive format supporting Ed2551...
115151,49944,007socketry-asyncSocketry::Async provides a modern asynchronous I/O framework for Ruby based on the Sock...
116152,76044,007jmseAn interoperable, minimalist signing and encryption format for JSON messages.
117152,91830,167zsessionA lightweight implementation of zcreds designed specifically for the session token use ...
118152,99444,007zcredFlexible modern credential format built on advanced cryptography
119153,84744,007sivchainAdvanced symmetric encryption using the AES-SIV (RFC 5297) and CHAIN constructions
120154,10544,007placerAutomates Deployment via ssh and sftp. Focuses on simplicity.
121154,36730,167zhashzser content hashing algorithm
122157,14544,007keyuriKeyURI leverages the URI generic syntax defined in RFC 3986 to provide simple and succi...
123157,27830,167veriformCryptographically verifiable data serialization format inspired by Protocol Buffers, us...
124157,38044,007mincMIscreaNt Cryptotool
125157,79930,167verihashStructured hashing algorithm that works across multiple formats (Veriform, TJSON)
126158,02830,167armisticeHardware private key storage for next-generation cryptography (e.g. BLS) initially targ...
127158,89544,007cryptouriCryptoURI is a URN-like namespace for encoding various cryptographic objects, inclu...
128159,05830,167aes-sidHardware private key storage for next-generation cryptography (e.g. BLS) initially targ...