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172bundlerBundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many mach...
2826rubygems-updateA package (also known as a library) contains a set of functionality that can be invok...
3115rakeRake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified i...
492456rdocRDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects. RDoc includes the ...
5164200kaminariKaminari is a Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, agnostic, customizable and sop...
6527850net-telnetProvides telnet client functionality.
7852808psychPsych is a YAML parser and emitter. Psych leverages libyaml[https://pyyaml.org/wiki/Lib...
81,0661,450loggerProvides a simple logging utility for outputting messages.
91,130938iconviconv wrapper library
101,3711,116xmlrpcXMLRPC is a lightweight protocol that enables remote procedure calls over HTTP.
111,4811,821webrickWEBrick is an HTTP server toolkit that can be configured as an HTTPS server, a proxy se...
121,4841,747gemsRuby wrapper for the RubyGems.org API
131,6071,840opensslIt wraps the OpenSSL library.
141,9832,641string-scrubString#scrub for Ruby 2.0.0 and 1.9.3
152,2211,858syckA gemified version of Syck from Ruby's stdlib. Syck has been removed from Ruby's stdli...
162,4031,728csvThe CSV library provides a complete interface to CSV files and data. It offers tools to...
172,9102,152fileutilsSeveral file utility methods for copying, moving, removing, etc.
184,9823,790etcProvides access to information typically stored in UNIX /etc directory.
195,2875,993rubyFIX ME
205,8223,860logger-applicationAdd logging support to your application.
216,2504,243zlibRuby interface for the zlib compression/decompression library
226,5184,931gserverGServer implements a generic server
237,5814,190stringioPseudo `IO` class from/to `String`.
248,1296,603minitest-power_assertPower Assert for Minitest.
258,76321,998syncA module that provides a two-phase lock with a counter.
269,22644,689jenkins-plugin-runtimeI'll think of a better description later, but if you're reading this, then I haven't
279,5023,959rssFamily of libraries that support various formats of XML "feeds".
289,5038,992capistrano-stretchercapistrano task for stretcher.
2911,40911,275yaoYAO is a Yet Another OpenStack API Wrapper that rocks!!
3011,58617,711hikidoc'HikiDoc' is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers.
3111,64132,059tdiarytDiary is so called Weblog.
3212,52616,581takosanRuby wrapper of Takosan
3312,87813,818atigAtig.rb is Twitter Irc Gateway.
3413,5188,661ppSuper Pretty Print
3514,66317,031gdbmRuby extension for GNU dbm.
3614,7969,066agiganother Github IRC Gateway
3715,18217,031fiddleA libffi wrapper for Ruby.
3815,9093,473irbInteractive Ruby command-line tool for REPL (Read Eval Print Loop).
3917,39244,689jpiAllows you to generate a new Ruby plugin project, build it, test it in Jenkins and rele...
4018,83014,249kakineSecurity Group configuration tool for OpenStack. You can apply simple YAML definition i...
4119,19814,249tkTk interface module using tcltklib.
4220,4778,874mathnDeprecated library that extends math operations.
4320,64832,059tdiary-contribtDiary contributions package that includes plugins, styles, utilities, libraries, filte...
4426,57644,689tdiary-style-gfmGFM Style for tDiary
4528,33118,231acts_as_bitsActiveRecord plugin that maintains massive flags in one column
4628,43528,583rubygems-mirrorThis is an update to the old `gem mirror` command. It uses net/http/persistent and thre...
4729,95521,998kanameIdentity configuration tool for OpenStack. You can apply simple YAML definition into Ke...
4830,80617,031mackerel-rbYet another mackerel client for Ruby.
4931,4918,992capistrano-stretcher-railsrails specific tasks for capistrano-stretcher
5031,71616,581cmathCMath is a library that provides trigonometric and transcendental functions for complex...
5132,39317,711scanfscanf is an implementation of the C function scanf(3).
5236,88619,175dbmProvides a wrapper for the UNIX-style Database Manager Library
5341,09444,689rake-confirmConfirmation for destructive Rails task.
5545,7319,718sidekiq-scheduler-notificationSlack notification middleware for sidekiq-scheduler
5646,0725,462ostructClass to build custom data structures, similar to a Hash.
5746,39244,689heroku_scale_schedulerscaling scheduler for heroku dynos/workers
5846,53832,059auto_truncated_loggerlogger of auto truncated old file.
5955,09621,998matrixAn implementation of Matrix and Vector classes.
6059,7689,718capistrano-stretcher-npmnpm task for capistrano-stretcher
6161,62332,059tdiary-blogkittDiary BlogKit modifies tDiary. This modification enables tDiary to manage articles by ...
6261,92444,689tdiary-style-rdRD Style for tDiary
6362,45320,999fcntlLoads constants defined in the OS fcntl.h C header file
6464,86723,453shellAn idiomatic Ruby interface for common UNIX shell commands.
6565,74137,732ikachanRuby wrapper of Ikachan
6668,93844,689furikA summary generator of GitHub activity for retrospective.
6769,09223,453sdbmProvides a simple file-based key-value store with String keys and values.
6870,93444,689delayed_job_slack_notificationSlack notifier for pending jobs of Delayed Job.
6970,97223,453strscanProvides lexical scanning operations on a String.
7078,79137,732omniauth-colormeshopOmniAuth Strategy for ColorMeShop API
7185,11844,689tdiary-style-etdiaryetDiary Style for tDiary
7286,00244,689log_minimalRuby port of Log::Minimal.
7392,29744,689tdiary-cache-redistDiary cache with redis
7497,47044,689rubygems-yomikomurubygems hooks for yomikomu
7599,87944,689tdiary-io-rdbrdb adapter for tDiary
76104,66844,689rake-contribAdditional libraries for Rake
77107,81844,689sqaleWrite a gem description
78111,34244,689tdiary-style-emptdiaryemptDiary Style for tDiary
79114,30144,689rack-nojstreat script tag in response.body when access with old mobile phone.
80116,65744,689tdiary-cache-memcachedtDiary cache with memcached
81116,91144,689kakinkakin is resource calcuration tool for OpenStack
82129,25823,453forwardableProvides delegation of specified methods to a designated object.
83133,48120,999relineAlternative GNU Readline or Editline implementation by pure Ruby.
84134,25444,689tdiary-coffeescriptCoffeeScript Filter for tDiary.
85138,86723,453thwaitWatches for termination of multiple threads.
86139,37923,453e2mmapModule for defining custom exceptions with specific messages.
87140,01821,998mutex_mMixin to extend objects to be handled like a Mutex.
89154,82444,689dateA subclass of Object includes Comparable module for handling dates.
90154,82444,689rexmlAn XML toolkit for Ruby