Cookpad's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,179953omniauth-rails_csrf_protectionThis gem provides a mitigation against CVE-2015-9284 (Cross-Site Request Forgery on the...
27,8698,244expeditorExpeditor provides asynchronous execution and fault tolerance for microservices
38,1518,186chankoChanko is a Rails extension tool
48,6455,320aws-xrayThe unofficial X-Ray Tracing SDK for Ruby.
58,91210,140garage_clientRuby client library for the Garage API
610,09210,813triceProvides reference time concept to application. Use it instead of ad-hoc ``
711,53933,245raven-transports-fluentdSend error logs to sentry via fluentd.
811,91218,295the_garageGarage extends your RESTful, Hypermedia APIs as a Platform
914,4096,806barbequeJob queue system to run job with Docker
1014,8047,374armgAdd MySQL geometry type to Active Record.
1115,55618,074denvLoads environment variables to `ENV` from `.env` file. No special treatments about shel...
1216,40342,741grpc_kitA kit for creating gRPC server/client
1316,45228,429rrrspec-clientExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
1417,69010,302blousonFilter tools to mask sensitive data in various logs
1519,22092,897griffingRPC server and client for Ruby
1620,01013,538barbeque_clientBarbeque client for Ruby
1722,10092,897kumonosA "control plane" for Microservices "service mesh".
1823,25074,524guard_against_physical_deleteA monkey patch for ActiveRecord to prevent physical deletion.
1928,04265,618debug_exceptions_jsonA Rack application for debugging in API server on Rails. Debug exception with json.
2029,32892,897kuroko2Kuroko2 is a web-based job scheduler/workflow manager created at Cookpad Inc.
2130,25628,429rrrspec-serverExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
2230,54828,429rrrspec-webExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
2331,04692,897griffin-interceptorsA collection of interceptors for griffin
2431,73392,897tableau_server_clientREST API Client for Tableau Server.
2531,85765,618pact_junit_formatterDump pact verification result with JUnit format.
2635,09828,429rrrspecExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
2739,21092,897mixed_gaugeA simple and robust ActiveRecord extension for database sharding. Supports shards manag...
2854,81192,897tokiteCustomizable Slack notification from GitHub
2964,11992,897garage-doorkeeperGarage extension to integrate doorkeeper gem.
3072,68492,897gem_collectorCollect gems used by applications