Cf's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,9937,227cf-uaa-libClient library for interacting with the CloudFoundry User Account and Authorization (UA...
23,6927,667cf-uaacClient command line tools for interacting with the CloudFoundry User Account and Author...
33,77911,077bosh_commonBOSH common
43,83619,755bosh_cliBOSH CLI
53,96618,223blobstore_clientBOSH blobstore client
64,1967,212bosh-templateRenders bosh templates
74,51812,723bosh_cpiBOSH CPI
84,83930,692agent_clientBOSH agent client
94,9606,937semi_semanticSemi Semantic d6001f
105,03626,503bosh-registryBOSH Registry
115,04220,845bosh-stemcellBosh::Stemcell provides tools to manage stemcells
125,09545,728bosh_cli_plugin_microBOSH CLI plugin for Micro BOSH deployment
135,10745,728bosh-coreBosh::Core provides things BOSH needs to exist
145,21345,728bosh-directorBOSH Director
155,25445,728bosh-releaseBosh package compiler
165,26045,728bosh-monitorBOSH Health Monitor
175,26245,728bosh_cli_plugin_awsBOSH plugin to easily create and delete an AWS VPC
185,34345,728bosh_aws_cpiBOSH AWS CPI
195,35945,728bosh_vsphere_cpiBOSH VSphere CPI
205,36145,728bosh_openstack_cpiBOSH OpenStack CPI
215,63830,692bosh-director-coreBosh::Director::Core provides common Director code for Director and Microbosh Deployer
225,65226,503simple_blobstore_serverBOSH Simple Blobstore Server
235,68515,203fluent-plugin-syslog_rfc5424FluentD output plugin to send messages via Syslog rfc5424.
245,8235,859cf-app-utilsHelper methods for apps running on Cloud Foundry
255,98012,010membraneMembrane provides an easy to use DSL for specifying validation logic declaratively.
267,15945,728bosh_agentThis agent listens for instructions from the bosh director on each server that bosh man...
279,62345,728bookbinderyA command line utility to be run in Book repositories to stitch together their constitu...
289,72317,160stenoA thread-safe logging library designed to support multiple log destinations.
299,80045,728bosh_warden_cpiBOSH Warden CPI
309,87330,692ruby_vcloud_sdkBOSH vCloud API client 92d56d
3111,10218,223loggregator_emitterLibrary to emit data to Loggregator
3211,73545,728bosh_vcloud_cpiBOSH vCloud CPI
3313,43845,728profA gem to test Cloud Foundry service brokers
3415,41545,728vcap_commoncommon vcap classes/methods
3516,17013,378hulaWe were using cf and bosh command line clients in a lot of places, mostly specs, this s...
3617,77545,728cf-message-busAbstraction layer around NATS messaging bus
3721,83430,692cf-copilotRuby client for copilot (a CF istio data transformer).
3822,57645,728bosh_deployerMicro BOSH Deployer
3923,89313,529omniauth-uaa-oauth2An OmniAuth strategy for the Cloud Foundry UAA
4025,15926,503cf-permRuby client for CloudFoundry Permissions
4127,76445,728schemata-deaSpecify schema for DEA messages and validate messages against defined schema
4235,91745,728cf-perm-test-helpersTest helpers for CloudFoundry Permissions
4342,58745,728schemata-routerSpecify schema for Router messages and validate messages against defined schema
4443,35245,728bosh_openstack_registryBOSH OpenStack registry
4547,99345,728opsmanager_clientInteract with the Pivotal Ops Manager from Ruby
4653,26045,728warden-protocolProtocol specification for Warden
4755,11745,728wkhtmltopdf-binary-cfProvides binaries for WKHTMLTOPDF project in an easily accessible package.
4856,54445,728bosh_aws_registryBOSH AWS registry
4959,70545,728schemata-health_managerSpecify schema for Health Manager messages and validate messages against defined ...
5059,76845,728schemata-cloud_controllerSpecify schema for cloud controller messages and validate messages against define...
5160,36645,728warden-clientProvides a blocking client for interacting with the Warden.
5260,89930,692product_metadata_tasksA library of rake tasks for repetitive updates to product metadata.
5374,76245,728bosh_lastpass_pluginShort description.
5477,00145,728ruby_vim_sdkBOSH vSphere API client
5588,14245,728schemata-stagingSpecify schema for staging messages and validate messages against defined schema
5689,03445,728pcf_pauseTool for stopping & starting ERT
5790,75245,728cf-registrarHelper for registering a component with things like Varz and the CF Router.
5897,57745,728bucket_brigadeS3 bucket cache hierarchy
5998,14045,728bosh_ladlea CLI for deploying BOSH-lite to the first VPC in an AWS account.
60101,77945,728cf-macheteIntegration testing framework for Cloud Foundry build packs
61135,06345,728bookwatchA command line utility to be run in Book repositories to stitch together their constitu...
62145,57430,692buildpack-packagerTool that packages your Cloud Foundry buildpacks based on a manifest
63145,95245,728middleman-code_snippetsInsert code snippets from local or remote git repos into your Middleman app
64150,32545,728vcap_services_baseBase class/module to develop CloudFoundry service