Cf's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,7305,255cf-uaa-libClient library for interacting with the CloudFoundry User Account and Authorization (UA...
23,4475,961cf-uaacClient command line tools for interacting with the CloudFoundry User Account and Author...
33,5305,906bosh_commonBOSH common
43,5796,440bosh_cliBOSH CLI
53,7096,570blobstore_clientBOSH blobstore client
63,9255,854bosh-templateRenders bosh templates
74,2545,982bosh_cpiBOSH CPI
84,5516,624agent_clientBOSH agent client
94,6146,964semi_semanticSemi Semantic d6001f
104,7376,638bosh-stemcellBosh::Stemcell provides tools to manage stemcells
114,7386,638bosh-registryBOSH Registry
124,8026,670bosh_cli_plugin_microBOSH CLI plugin for Micro BOSH deployment
134,8446,610bosh-coreBosh::Core provides things BOSH needs to exist
144,9116,624bosh-directorBOSH Director
154,9486,610bosh-releaseBosh package compiler
164,9616,638bosh-monitorBOSH Health Monitor
174,9626,648bosh_cli_plugin_awsBOSH plugin to easily create and delete an AWS VPC
185,0547,348bosh_aws_cpiBOSH AWS CPI
195,0727,361bosh_openstack_cpiBOSH OpenStack CPI
205,0787,378bosh_vsphere_cpiBOSH VSphere CPI
215,3346,737bosh-director-coreBosh::Director::Core provides common Director code for Director and Microbosh Deployer
225,38294,836simple_blobstore_serverBOSH Simple Blobstore Server
235,54010,750membraneMembrane provides an easy to use DSL for specifying validation logic declaratively.
245,7026,359cf-app-utilsHelper methods for apps running on Cloud Foundry
256,78411,294bosh_agentThis agent listens for instructions from the bosh director on each server that bosh man...
268,88431,140stenoA thread-safe logging library designed to support multiple log destinations.
278,930131,465ruby_vcloud_sdkBOSH vCloud API client 92d56d
288,97310,552bookbinderyA command line utility to be run in Book repositories to stitch together their constitu...
299,11510,902bosh_warden_cpiBOSH Warden CPI
3010,20920,065loggregator_emitterLibrary to emit data to Loggregator
3110,75118,634bosh_vcloud_cpiBOSH vCloud CPI
3211,8552,567fluent-plugin-syslog_rfc5424FluentD output plugin to send messages via Syslog rfc5424.
3312,73813,504profA gem to test Cloud Foundry service brokers
3414,358131,465vcap_commoncommon vcap classes/methods
3515,36018,207hulaWe were using cf and bosh command line clients in a lot of places, mostly specs, this s...
3616,64131,140cf-message-busAbstraction layer around NATS messaging bus
3721,08519,562cf-copilotRuby client for copilot (a CF istio data transformer).
3821,51625,434bosh_deployerMicro BOSH Deployer
3924,01229,409cf-permRuby client for CloudFoundry Permissions
4026,5999,152omniauth-uaa-oauth2An OmniAuth strategy for the Cloud Foundry UAA
4127,203131,465schemata-deaSpecify schema for DEA messages and validate messages against defined schema
4234,22253,952cf-perm-test-helpersTest helpers for CloudFoundry Permissions
4341,70547,687bosh_openstack_registryBOSH OpenStack registry
4441,828131,465schemata-routerSpecify schema for Router messages and validate messages against defined schema
4546,00253,952opsmanager_clientInteract with the Pivotal Ops Manager from Ruby
4650,797131,465warden-protocolProtocol specification for Warden
4754,32363,042bosh_aws_registryBOSH AWS registry
4856,155131,465wkhtmltopdf-binary-cfProvides binaries for WKHTMLTOPDF project in an easily accessible package.
4957,366131,465warden-clientProvides a blocking client for interacting with the Warden.
5057,99694,836product_metadata_tasksA library of rake tasks for repetitive updates to product metadata.
5158,942131,465schemata-cloud_controllerSpecify schema for cloud controller messages and validate messages against define...
5258,975131,465schemata-health_managerSpecify schema for Health Manager messages and validate messages against defined ...
5373,90253,952bosh_lastpass_pluginShort description.
5474,548131,465ruby_vim_sdkBOSH vSphere API client
5586,714131,465schemata-stagingSpecify schema for staging messages and validate messages against defined schema
5687,58594,836cf-registrarHelper for registering a component with things like Varz and the CF Router.
5787,81463,042pcf_pauseTool for stopping & starting ERT
5895,90175,203bucket_brigadeS3 bucket cache hierarchy
5996,37775,203bosh_ladlea CLI for deploying BOSH-lite to the first VPC in an AWS account.
60100,01575,203cf-macheteIntegration testing framework for Cloud Foundry build packs
61136,62775,203bookwatchA command line utility to be run in Book repositories to stitch together their constitu...
62143,98394,836middleman-code_snippetsInsert code snippets from local or remote git repos into your Middleman app
63144,44994,836buildpack-packagerTool that packages your Cloud Foundry buildpacks based on a manifest
64148,567131,465vcap_services_baseBase class/module to develop CloudFoundry service