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146801-146820 of all 155,365 gems.
146,791683hola-daniel-moralesA simple hello world gem
146,802682madden_20_market_pricesThis gem gets current Madden Ultimate Team item prices from
146,802682lite-regulationCollection of mixins to regulate the state of a database record
146,802682working_calendarWorking calendar specification
146,802682rsolr-cloud-customThe connection adopter supporting SolrCloud for RSolr
146,802682phrases_changer_gemDEPRECATED. Please use gitHub version by link below: ................... https://github...
146,802682social_manFollow, star, vote, like, social actions all in one.
146,802682crowder_newsScrapes recent and featured articles from
146,802682xrateProvides methods to fetch, cache and utilise historic exchange rates in your app.
146,802682ruby-cmdCmd makes it easy to build slick CLIs with tab completion, command history, and built-i...
146,802682str_hlpr_dave2Useless string helpers
146,802682openxml-pptxImplements the Office Open XML spec for creating PresentationML documents
146,802682vn_citiesThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
146,802682bart_apiA Ruby client for the BART real-time transit API.
146,802682CarRegistrationSwedenFind Car details from a number plate in Sweden. An Account is required from http://www....
146,802682natthakit_view_helper_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,802682power_structSimple Struct replacement with mandatory keyword arguments
146,802682oss-clientAliyun oss client
146,802682MunaykiGem Munayki created with ruby, returns an array formatted in an ordered way (sort arrays)
146,802682db_facetdb_facet extracts and inserts subsets of a database content, like a full user account w...