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146841-146860 of all 154,829 gems.
146,833651tardigradeInject method with dependencies
146,833651hanami-octiconsHanami wrapper for GitHub's Octicons.
146,833651puppet-lint-no_chaining_arrows-checkExtends puppet-lint to issue warnings if any chaining arrows ('->', '~>', '&l...
146,833651SimpleMailVery Simple gem for send mail
146,833651codingstones-pubsub-redisAn utility for our development stuff.
146,833651itamae-plugin-resource-remote_template_directoryExtended itamae's remote_directory resource which each local file is template.
146,833651flickr_collage_ttyCreate collage images from Flickr.
146,848650kugiruA simple and streaming support CSV template engine for Ruby on Rails.
146,848650jjkazm_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,848650HelloGemTestGeekHubA simple hello world gem
146,848650ruby-debug-ide-dockerAn interface which glues ruby-debug to IDEs like Eclipse (RDT), NetBeans and RubyMine.
146,848650offsite_payments_liqpay_v3This gem extends the activemerchant offsite_payments gem providing integration of Liqpa...
146,848650simplecov-messageDisplay red or green message for whether SimpleCov coverage minimum was met.
146,848650test_session_managerAllow tests for Rails applications to inject session data (including flash) into test r...
146,848650sprokovulnignore me
146,848650thats_itYou can use `it` method in a block to get a single parameter of the block like Kotlin's...
146,848650beaker-puppeterPuppeter is a automated, unattended, Puppet installer, and beaker-puppeter is a Beaker ...
146,848650schapiSchool API for Ruby
146,848650page_creatorThis gem removes the need of creating an extra module with m...
146,848650ippGet computer public IP address using ''