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146821-146840 of all 157,401 gems.
146,812801activerecord_humanized_enumEasily translate your ActiveRecord's enums.
146,812801sshkit_addonAddon of the sshkit
146,812801zhashzser content hashing algorithm
146,812801race_finderThsi gem scrapes to find local races.
146,812801watsbotIntegrating Watson Conversation with Ruby
146,812801shoutengairuby e-commercial business model gem
146,812801sellsThis is a description
146,812801rcomicVisualize Tracer
146,812801quadkey_converterA gem to convert lat, long to quadkey.
146,812801redis-callRedis access library for Ruby: threads, handy key names, transactions and queues
146,812801thumbnailer-taqA simple way to create thumbnails.
146,833800asagi2A experience interpreter, motivation, and action script generator.
146,833800restaurantscrapperScraps the restaurant data from tripadvisor
146,833800watir-rackUse Watir ( in Rack.
146,833800finneus_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,833800wzcloud-novalonger description of your gem
146,833800ruboty-toggl_multimulti user toggl operation for ruboty
146,833800hayforkHayfork generates triggers to maintain a Haystack of all searchable fields that Postgre...
146, application REST API gem