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146,878678menu_AlexandraClase Ruby para el tema de Programaci├│n Orientada a Objetos.
146,878678lr-linear-regressionAn implementation of a linear regression machine learning algorithm implemented in Ruby...
146,878678shopify_gdprBasic generator for endpoints to handle Shopify GDPR webhooks
146,878678richpresence-rb­čŚ│ Discord RPC rich presence library for Ruby
146,878678hem-tasks-composer_prestissimoInstalls hirak/prestissimo into the Hem VM
146,878678str_hlpr_daveRuby Gem Publish Demo
146,878678fluent-plugin-clickhouseFluentd output inserted into ClickHouse as fast column-oriented OLAP DBMS.
146,878678amberlettersAmberletters is a console automation framework, similar to the classic utility Expe...
146,878678pg_assistantAdds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database functions in Rails
146,878678codingstones-pubsubAn utility for our development stuff.
146,878678authcatA simple hello world gem
146,878678osxOSX Diagnostic
146,878678CarRegistrationCzechRepublicFind Car details from a number plate in the Czech Republic. An Account is required from...
146,878678transform_combinatorsCollection of functions to filter/transforms data structures
146,878678plazzap_view_toolThis is just a small ruby gem for the devcamp project.
146,878678hltv_scrappingSimple gem to get csgo pro infos
146,878678omniauth-oschinaoauth2 for
146,878678luna_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,878678gb_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.