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152761-152780 of all 155,365 gems.
152,755383zuora_connect-DDescription of Connect.
152,755383cloudmersive-nlp-api-clientThe powerful Natural Language Processing APIs let you perform part of speech tagging, e...
152,755383nite-owlLinux/OSX File System Events Watcher.
152,755383method_publisherMake private methods public
152,765382generate_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application
152,765382logstash-output-sensors_analyticsThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
152,765382azure-auth-token_providerA simple to use gem to obtain Azure MSI access token. Supports both Azure Cloud env...
152,765382fog-ifeelThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
152,765382alchemy_i18nTranslation files for AlchemyCMS
152,765382qaa_helpersSmall functions to use as toolbox
152,765382zuora_api_DGem that provides easy integration to Zuora
152,765382devboxSetup the local development environment
152,765382acesMy playground for building service objects that feel right in Ruby
152,765382open_imageCurrently Under Construction
152,765382lotVuegemProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
152,765382ruby-helloA simple hello world gem
152,765382cryptocoinCryptocoin is a library for processing messages and information from a cryptocoin netwo...
152,779381old_poetryA simple gothic poetry generator.
152, Wiki channel in navbar for wike pages.