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152681-152700 of all 155,365 gems.
152,665388yapoCLI commands generator
152,665388stylet_supportVector library
152,665388logstash-input-crawlerThis plugin need set the initial url.
152,665388sprocketsrailsYou probably meant `gem install sprockets-rails`.
152,685387configcatConfigCat is a configuration as a service that lets you manage your features and config...
152,685387simple_toolsCollection of classes which helps to organize code, increase readability and maintainab...
152,685387cq-spree-api-clientA rubygem for interacting with the Spree API
152,685387rack-request-trackerBunch of patches and rack middlewares to allow for transactional logs
152,685387nestfans-wikiDisplay Wiki channel in navbar for wike pages.
152,685387evilcap-ruby-vncA library which implements the client VNC protocol to control VNC servers.
152,685387fn_readerModule extension to support functional programming
152,685387api_navigatorApiNavigator base on api_navigator from Oriol Gual
152,685387passenger-infoParses JSON output from passenger-status and creates corresponding ruby objects
152,685387brickset_apiThis gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the (v2) API. The API...
152,685387pidomPID Control Library
152,685387client_enginePlugin de clientes para sistema de gestiĆ³n
152,685387houston-first-pabloAugments a String
152,685387houston-first-ericaAugments a String
152,685387meme_generateA meme generator using api on
152,685387myfirsttestingpackageSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC