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153321-153340 of all 154,801 gems.
153,320305jets_bb_forkFork of rubyonJets - emergency fix for handling AWS CF 60 Output limit. Will PR later....
153,320305getnextidUse to increment your build numbers etc.
153,320305with_recordInclude more records in your relations/associations, just to DRY your code.
153,320305ruby-calendarificOfficial Ruby library for Calendarific Global Holiday API -
153,320305legion-extensionsUsed by a LEX to integrate with Legion
153,320305double_entry-reportingTools to build your double entry financial ledger
153,320305paypal_eventPaypal webhook integration for Rails applications.
153,320305ranguInsert a white space between FullWidth and HalfWidth characters.
153,320305template_chorderA simple template gem
153,320305prct06_alu0101045870Desarrollo orientado a tests puesto a la práctica
153,320305surf-calabashcalabash-android + calabash-cucumber with x-platform implementation and console which w...
153,320305gem_version_trainerAllows specific gems, when encountered as dependencies to have version information over...
153,320305prime_methodsAdds to Integer class: trial_factor, is_prp?(b=2), is_square?, jacobi_symbol, minimal_s...
153,320305first_deploymentFirstDeployment is a zero-conf tool which will deploy your Rails app to a web server
153,320305kt_data_classThe Ruby porting of `data class` in Kotlin
153,320305mycardThis will ask you a series of questions and will use your answers to generate your very...
153,320305DenisBajrami_palindromeLearn simple Ruby palindrome detector
153,320305dotapediaDota 2 api client sdk for
153,340304qry_filterA Rails add-on for handling query filters