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153281-153300 of all 154,801 gems.
153,272308sponge_mockmAkiNg iT eAsiEr tO SpoNgEmOcK
153,272308json_parseLoad JsonParse with a json string or hash, and then refer to elements with dot notation.
153,272308warm-bootRich cli experience to generate a new rails app
153,272308danarchy_jamldAnarchy Jaml converts YAML files to JSON and JSON files to YAML. This assumes a standa...
153,272308matiuky_regexpA collection of usefull regular expressions for ukrainian matiuky
153,272308curexCUrrency EXchange (curex) command line
153,287307sendowlRuby client for SendOwl Digital Products platform
153,287307chinese_phrasesConverts a csv of Chinese words to a csv of example sentences for use in Anki
153,287307phcdevworks_real_estateRuby on Rails 6 real estate listings management.
153,287307runcite-gruf-rspecRSpec assistance library for gruf, including testing helpers
153,287307weather_kgWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,287307bottomless_voidinstantiates other instances of NilClass
153,287307zen_view_toolZenViewTool generates generic HTML view components for Rails applications
153,287307menudSe realizaran pruebas con Spec.
153,287307Menudiet_alu0100600216Define un menú dietético y los métodos para calcular sus valores nutricionales
153,287307raffles_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
153,287307fluentd-plugin-kinesis-intuitFluentd output plugin that sends events to Amazon Kinesis.
153,287307minicap-rubyRuby interface for fetching Android real-time screen capture data via minicap.
153,287307json_deep_parseDeeply parse heavily escaped and nested JSON