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153561-153580 of all 155,931 gems.
153,552377cyclical_cube_sumVisit for a more-detailed description
153,552377rb21An example gem that can serve as a base for making a blackjack game in Ruby
153,552377himekoAWS IAM access key self service & management console federated login
153,552377get_view_nameGet rendered view name not action
153,552377rails_detailDescription of RailsDetail.
153,552377phantomblasterA gem for interacting with Phantombuster agents. Allows you to easily manage, sync and ...
153,552377tessenDescription of Tessen.
153,552377zonemonSoon to be released.
153,552377garage-strategy-corGarage strategy Chain of Responsibility pattern.
153,552377archaeaA Rails plugin to move legacy data into a separate table
153,571376tcd_x12A gem to handle parsing and generation of ANSI X12 documents. Currently tested with Rub...
153,571376ext_monitorfaster MonitorMixin implementation with C extension which is introduced in Ruby 2.7
153,571376heart_of_a_developerAdd the heart to any logging
153,571376actie_smscThis gem based on the ruby library described on:
153,571376boloThis is a gem that will provide you to extend function of Ruby class.
153,571376blufinThe secret sauce that makes everything 'tick'.
153,571376capwxworkSend notification to wxwork about your Rails Capistrano deployment.
153,571376still_lifeTest result HTML recorder for capybara, test-unit, minitest, and RSpec
153,571376edifunctEdifunct provides an easy way to structurally parse an EDIFACT file based on a simple s...