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153561-153580 of all 157,164 gems.
153,557475rasp-yandexClient library for API.
153,557475openrareplayProgram/library to parse and generate OpenRA replays without identifying information
153,557475test-gem-requirement-bugAttempts to reproduce a bug with gem requirement parsing
153,557475new_eugene_listing_cliProvides information on new property listings in Eugene, Or. posted on Trulia.
153,557475sidekiq-reliable-requeueSidekiq middleware to handle requeuing of jobs if the worker gets badly terminated or c...
153,557475slanger-health_checkHealth check for Slanger service
153,557475shatter-railsShatter is a generator for Rails that seperates an existing model logic into separate f...
153,557475timelinerTrack activities inside a Rails application
153,557475Robbe_Bonne_thermostatthis code will check the input temperature,range and wanted temperature. If the tem...
153,557475first_gem_ahsanFirst gem for practice
153,557475open_gitCommand line utility for opening web pages for repository management services
153,557475nurseryA simple API for asynchronous flow control to make it clear when jobs finish.
153,557475spectrum_colorpicker_railsAutomagically™ adds the Spectrum Colorpicker JavaScript library to the Rails Asset Pipe...
153,557475run_length_encoderrun-length encode/decode stuff
153,575474ranspositionA randomized transposition cipher with the key its own randomness.
153,575474replace_with_destroyBy default automatic deletion of join models is direct, no destroy callbacks are trigge...
153,575474require_relative_dirBasic utility to require a directory.
153,575474envy.benforevaEnvy fails programs dependent on missingenvironment variables
153,575474mrbmmruby build manager