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153,547709voteable_nsoseka_totalsThis gem allows you to easily calculate the total votes, the number of up votes and the...
153,547709wormyA lightweight Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) library for Ruby. Allows you to keep code...
153,547709peiutilPEI is a format used in EFI with a simpler header, convert to PE for analysis
153,547709logstash-filter-unique-sbtThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
153,547709lambdahubClient library for LambdaHub
153,566708koine-rest_clientAnother http client - with support to async calls
153,566708rails_console_shieldMake your production rails console more secure!
153,566708data_structure_error_intDeclares a DataStructureError exception class interface. Donations support continuous i...
153,566708pdf_toolsRuby wrapper for the PDF Tools command-line utils.
153,566708yiban壹伴 AI 标题生成助手
153,566708proxy-mateGenerates a PDF with standard size playing cards of your choice
153,566708eat_your_vegetablesUse EYV to incrementally improve code quality in your project. Force your team to incre...
153,566708rpetriTesting ruby code with Petri nets
153,566708glebtv_mongoid_taggable_with_contextAdd multiple tag fields on Mongoid documents with aggregation capability.
153,566708hola_dancbJust another simple hello world gem!
153,566708snappler_contable_multicurrencyAgrega modelo contable a una aplicacion
153,566708embulk-decoder-execDecodes Exec-encoded files read by other file input plugins.
153,566708variety-format-loggerdefault, JSON, LTSV logger.
153,566708braBra size calculator, based on measurements of underbust and bust circumference