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153621-153640 of all 159,838 gems.
153,619626active_stateA simple gem for easily using the state design pattern in Rails.
153,619626jekyll-livescriptA LiveScript converter for Jekyll.
153,619626coinbase-proClient library for Coinbase Pro
153,619626babikAnother way of making database queries with ActiveRecord models in Ruby on Rails based ...
153,619626omniauth-accountkitOmniAuth strategy for AccountKit
153,619626symptomssumCounts symptom occurances
153,619626await_rbSimply Ruby gem to execute tasks once a service has started.
153,619626runscope_ciAPI wrappers around RunScope test runs to easily enable things like CI integration
153,619626blazer-apiAdd a JSON API to Blazer
153,619626purecloudclient_v2aJust a test
153,619626rdf_rules_engineRules Engine
153,619626wj-jquery-railsThis gem provides jQuery and the jQuery-ujs driver for your Rails 4+ application.
153,619626csvgemA ruby gem to export all records of any model to a xls file
153,619626sbidu_generatorsSbidu generators rails engine with useful helpers and bootstrap based UI modules
153,619626dnd_treasure_calcA simple CLI to calculate D&D treasure -- individual and horde
153,619626mario_towerBuilding Mario tower with specified height
153,619626view_tool_lillywhiteProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,619626pr11Practica sobre el Desarrollo Dirigido por Pruebas para la clase Alimento.
153,619626typed_attributeA type cast for ActiveModel
153,619626harvest_forecast_apiAPI wrapper for Forecast