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Most downloads over all time
153621-153640 of all 155,931 gems.
153,607374learn_kitTools for machine learning with ruby
153,607374packet_genieMagically streaming live packet captures with a simple REST API
153,623373activerecord-find_each_orderedAllow custom sort order with find_each behavior
153,623373alsThis is a POC of Envoy ALS Server, only do inspect for each received message
153,623373raketaryCLI for Raketeer.
153,623373omnichannelThis libraries allows sending messages to various channels such as WhatsApp, Viber and ...
153,623373clever_tap_api[Unofficial] CleverTap api ruby sdk
153,623373smalltextClassify short texts with neural network
153,623373tnt_fuel_adjustment_coefficientsA simple gem to ease/automate getting this data every month.
153,623373yeetAdds a global method `yeet` that raises an exception
153,623373kkclark_view_toolA gem to help handle view things like copyright
153,623373thredded-workgroupWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,623373enerbotEnergon slack slave.
153,623373ngageAn enhanced fork of the Jekyll project, NGage is yet another static site generator in R...
153,623373flippaRuby client for Flippa
153,623373pricalper_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,638372cardioRun scripts on ECS containers with real time output without SSH.
153,638372pagy_cursoruse pagy for cursor paginations with rails
153,638372site_copyrightsProvide generates HTML data for Rails application.