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Most downloads over all time
153621-153640 of all 155,365 gems.
153,618333onceover-metricsExample plugin for onceover
153,618333zc-exampleExample App
153,618333strava-ruby-cliStrava API CLI.
153,618333cocoapods-xcodegenGenerate an Xcode project from a spec
153,618333oma-rubyRuby Gem to utilize the OpenSRS MAIL API
153,618333obnizobniz REST API
153,618333nuri_game-online-proxyUtility module that implement a proxy system to allow online interactions between players
153,618333occs-wizardA wizard to create Oracle Commerce Cloud basic widget structure
153,618333vladiatorA library that sucks... validation errors into an accumulator.
153,630332tolq-ffi-hunspellRuby FFI bindings for the Hunspell spell checker.
153,630332user_enginePermission system for rails
153,630332copy_github_labelsEasily copy labels from one GitHub repository to another.
153,630332universe_simulateAn algorithm for a real time decision tree to simulate the universes creation.
153,630332kitchen-syncgzImproved file transfers for for test-kitchen
153,630332human_enum_nameI18n support for Rails enums
153,630332zc_broker_vishAaj kuchh tufani karte hain
153,630332petrifyA data(base)-driven static site generator with Haml templates.
153,630332telegraph_rbRuby API client
153,630332isValueGreaterThanZeroreturns true if the given number is greater than zero, otherwise returns false.
153,630332rubocop-disallow-safe-navigationCode style checking to disallow safe navigation