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153641-153660 of all 155,365 gems.
153,630332short_urlsA small and simple Ruby library implementing popular URL shortners like Bitly and TinyURL.
153,642331tkxs-component-generatorCommand line Eventide component generator
153,642331campact_user_serviceRuby wrapper for Campact User Service
153,642331im_oniximmaté onix parser
153,642331omniauth-classiclaw-oauth2A Classiclaw OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x. This allows you to login to Classiclaw w...
153,642331tanmerThere are many Tanmer tools.
153,642331tycheThe plutus plugin provides a complete double entry accounting system for use in any Rub...
153,642331bacon-custom_matchers_messagesAllows add errors messages for `bacon` custom matchers
153,642331qcloud_vodqcloud vod ruby sdk
153,642331zc_broker_kdUsed to collect info for common items
153,642331embulk-output-s3-compatibleS3-Compatible file output plugin is an Embulk plugin that output the files to the speci...
153,642331kramdown-math-mathjaxnodekramdown-math-mathjaxnode uses mathjax-node to convert math elements to MathML
153,642331numeric_inverseThis gem provides a method `Numeric#inverse` to get a (usual/modular) multiplicative in...
153,642331fivaA structured logging implementation for Ruby
153,642331hello_tamaPuts 'Hello, Tama!'
153,642331rack-basic_pathRegex constrained Basic Auth
153,642331tankerkoenigRuby Wrapper for the Tankerkoenig HTTP API
153,642331meowhashMeow Hash C extension for Ruby
153,642331lazzayA simple lib for creating lazy arrays, named lazzay
153,660330buroExample gem for Buro10a Coworking space