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153601-153620 of all 156,092 gems.
153,585389miaopay-jdpayjingdong pay unofficial sdk
153,602388has_protected_tokenGenerate random tokens (or use your own) for any ActiveRecord model. Hashes and salts t...
153,602388cocoapods-packager-mCocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a framework or static library from a pods...
153,602388report_actionCommon Reporting Actions
153,602388ed25519_keccakThis is a signature and verification library of ed 25519. But instead of SHA2_512, Kecc...
153,602388asciidoctor_cjk_breaksAn extension for Asciidoctor that suppresses line breaks between east asian characters.
153,602388sfn-ssmSparkleFormation Parameters - SSM Resolver
153,602388google-protobuf-zProtocol Buffers are Google's data interchange format.
153,602388async-fluent-azure-eventhubs-pluginFluentd output plugin for Azure Event Hubs
153,602388buzzwordsA simple IRB tool that generates and displays the day's most popular buzzwords from new...
153,602388much-slugFriendly, human-readable identifiers for database records.
153,602388foodie-exampleAn example gem that can tastes food, pluralize your food(or any other thing) and genera...
153,602388citadel-sdkA simple way to publish messages on Citadel
153,602388codeship_migrate_to_github_appMigrate your Codeship Projects from legacy Github services to Codeship's Github App
153,602388mtb_project_apiA wrapper gem for the public MTB Project API
153,602388ruboty-reviewer_assignruboty + slackでレビュアーアサイン
153,602388randomtestA simple hello world gem
153,602388heftyashishA simple hello world gem - It's a test gem. Avoid Downloading it
153,602388validates_countrycodeThe purpose of this gem is to validate countrycodes in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format
153,602388wordgitWordgit lets you version control word documents, check the differences, pull, merge and...