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157081-157100 of all 157,164 gems.
157,080120gettext-slimYou can extract messages from Slim files with this library.
157,083119quadradoCalcula equações de segumdo grau.
157,084117basic_calculator_jmvbasic calculator
157,084117great_guardianWeb parameters validation for Ruby 🛡️
157,086115ory-oathkeeper-clientORY Oathkeeper is a reverse proxy that checks the HTTP Authorization for validity again...
157,086115devbox_launcherConveniently launch your devbox
157,088114ephemeronEphemeron improves the performance of your app. It takes on itself the persistence of t...
157,089113css_color_contrastUtility to calculate the contrast ratio between 2 colors, for checking the level of con...
157,089113devlopr-jekyllA Theme built for developers
157,091112lukasindre_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
157,091112blacklight_dynamic_sitemapDynamic sitemap.xml for BLacklight
157,091112factory_enforcerEnforce usage of the factory pattern with factory_enforcer
157,094111ruby-next-coreRuby Next Core is a zero deps version of Ruby Next meant to be used as as dependenc...
157,094111random_multivariate_normalRandom number generator from a multivariate normal distribution.
157,094111naginegiGenerate Embulk config and BigQuery schema from RDBMS schema
157,094111cfn-hupcfn-hup configset: configures and ensures cfn-hup is running
157,094111functions_frameworkThe Functions Framework implementation for Ruby.
157,099110betterdoc-rails-app-builderGenerators for our common project types
157,099110codebreaker_coreGem for Codebreaker game