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157101-157120 of all 161,077 gems.
157,098518truemail-clientTruemail web API client library for Ruby
157,098518lex-sleepiqUsed to connect Legion to Sleep Number SleepIQ API
157,098518antech_rbRuby wrapper for ANTECH Diagnostics web service.
157,098518envalidUseful in 12factor apps, or generally to have a better experience than just reaching in...
157,098518currencyiseA simple gem to turn a number into currency format
157,098518nri_drafts-serviceClue code for interactions with the drafts service.
157,098518cardano_ruby_explorerRuby wrapper for the popular Cardano blockchain query API service. Enables queries by b...
157,098518wirecss_railsUse this gem to bundle WireCSS into your Rails Apps
157,098518ll-mktorrentCreate .torrent files easily with this gem. The code is ugly, but it works :)
157,098518jacob_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
157,098518my_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
157,098518marginaliseReformats strings to a given margin
157,098518grgbrbControl Logitech G hardware's RGB from Ruby
157,098518judenNotify battery capacity on your linux laptop
157,098518nat20Nat20 adds easy to use dice rolling functionality with input in the style of table top ...
157,116517fluent-plugin-reckoner-cdpreckoner-cdp output plugin for Fluentd
157,116517ok_aclUser management, control and permissions
157,116517asqMy jekyll theme for my github pages blog
157,116517rustkitsupports common ci/cd development tasks for dotnet
157,116517lex-pushoverUsed to connect Legion to Pushover