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157101-157120 of all 157,164 gems.
157,101109lcms-engineImplements common components and features for Rails-based LCMS systems
157,102108eightyThe special-purpose static website generator, with a fixed layout structure, mostly for...
157,102108mypodsMypods manages the synchronization of various developing local pods with their reposito...
157,104107stack_master-http_parameter_resolverObtain stack parameters from HTTP calls.
157,104107BiancaAutoBiancaAuto is a Ruby Gem for autowriting Python subroutines for Bianca, a memorizing ch...
157,104107intrigue-issuesIntrigue Core Issues
157,104107hola_ikhrnetA simple hello world gem
157,108106with-versionSyntax sugar for version checks.
157,108106tiny-prestoWrapper for Lightweight Presto Cluster
157,108106reduce_to_hashReduce an array to a hash that indexes the array
157,108106reverse_coverageStatistics on specs coverage
157,112105omniauth-netlifyOmniAuth strategy for Netlify (
157,113104tnt.rbRuby SDK for working with TNT shipping web services.
157,113104dpdRuby SDK for working with DPD shipping web services.
157,113104omniauth-wpOmniAuth strategy for Wordpress (
157,118101activerecord-missingThis gem provides the functionality of ActiveRecord::QueryMethods::WhereChain#missing f...
157,119100daffy_libA library for caching encryptor
157,12099bugsnag_sourcemap_uploaderUpload sourcemaps to Bugsnag in parallel.