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166321-166340 of all 167,227 gems.
166,317338data_for_seoRuby client for
166,317338moex_apiRuby wrapper for MOEX API
166,323337cooksmateNew gem
166,323337smartkitSmartkit Description.
166,323337printgraphpaperGenerates graph paper in HTML format suitable for printing.
166,323337omniauth-service-nowOfficial OmniAuth strategy for ServiceNow.
166,323337experian_consumer_viewExperian's ConsumerView API is a commercially licensed API which allows you to obta...
166,323337ones-ruby-msmTest Fix version Ruby wrapper to OneSignal API, mapping to Plain Old Ruby Objects
166,323337paxful_railsMountable engine that fetches completed paxful trades.
166,323337spree_static_pagesSpree extension for generating menus with custom static pages
166,332336abot-infoAbot Info
166,332336portfolio-jekyll-themeA minimalist Jekyll theme for building a personal portfolio site powered by Jekyll and ...
166,332336yaml-safe_load_stream2The Ruby standard library defines YAML.safe_load and YAML.load_stream but there's no wa...
166,332336gradeThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,332336lab42_kakKakoune scripting is very flexible but needs to be triggered by the shell, quite intere...
166,332336interopRuby implementation of hx/interop cross-language interop abstraction
166,332336metronome-oddMetronome that can be programmed to change de tempo or the time signature.
166,332336olympus-cameraOlympus Camera's API library
166,332336redjackA replayable Black Jack game based in Ruby