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166,237237date_queriesProvides scopes for date related database queries, such as records between dates with y...
166,237237rails_custom_loggingReplace Rails' verbose logs with anything you like, from one-liner keys/values to even ...
166,237237lame_game_randomizerTake the tactile fun out of gaming with this digital coin flipper, card picker, dice ro...
166,237237fireauthSimple Firebase Authentication for Ruby.
166,237237theme-2Write a short summary, because Rubygems requires one.
166,237237type-utils@todo2: Write a longer description or delete this line.
166,247236ultra-daoThe theme for the UltraDAO website.
166,247236hammySome Ruby utils and fun.
166,247236hola_foofoorockA simple hello world gem
166,247236grandioriteA simple hello world gem
166,247236peatio-ripple-jrubyRipple Peatio gem which implements Peatio::Blockchain::Abstract & Peatio::Wallet::Abstr...
166,247236peatio-dash-jrubyPeatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube
166,247236taevalRubyGem to evaluate test automation homework.
166,247236testjrHello World Gem
166,247236trino_sql_parserTrino SQL Parser for Ruby parses a SQL using Trino's native SQL parser precisely and re...
166,247236zombodb_railsUse ZomboDB with rails!
166,258235sorta-httpWrite a longer description or delete this line.
166,258235omniauth-sageidSecurity assesment
166,258235Depression666This gem show you assets of stock.