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166,291340most_frequent_seqA Ruby Gem used for calculating a consensus (most frequent) DNA sequence from an array ...
166,291340namae2romajiConvert Japanese Kana Name to Romaji based on passport regulations.
166,291340ledger_sync-template_ledgerLedgerSync is a simple library that allows you to sync common objects to popular accoun...
166,291340spree_id_verificationAdd (optional) extension description here
166,305339jyronJYRon : provide facilities to maniplate, convert, querying, storing transportables objects
166,305339toml_emptyParse your TOML (allow empty group), seriously.
166,305339HanaDbActive record hanaclient adapter to connect with hana db.
166,305339dagpirbDagpirb is a Simple, powerfull API Wrapper for For more info see: https://gi...
166,305339epicsLUKBEpics is a ruby implementation of the EBIC standard (H004) It supports the complet...
166,305339getnetBiblioteca de integração com a API do serviço de pagamentos da Getnet
166,305339hola_zipofarA simple hello world gem
166,305339intumIntum Ruby Api gem
166, gRPC client services
166,305339ThoNDA simple test gem
166,305339studio_game_mjbwebVersion 1.0.0 of StudioGame A basic command line game taught in the Ruby programming c...
166,305339spree_delivery_distanceAdd (optional) extension description here
166,317338cocoapods-vemarsA short description of cocoapods-vemars.
166,317338lexorankingAllow your models to order and reorder elements using lexoranking sorting.
166,317338cocoapods-sync-githooksA short description of cocoapods-sync-githooks.
166,317338b58Uses libbase58 to encode Ruby strings to base58