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166281-166300 of all 166,743 gems.
166,278233mothssi_dummyA dummy gem
166,278233fastlane-plugin-pgyer_v2pgyer for v2 suppor
166,278233new_google_recaptcha_turboGoogle reCAPTCHA v3 + Rails (integration)
166,278233json_to_csvThis Ruby lib aims at converting JSON files composed of arrays of objects (all followin...
166,278233json_schema_transformerGenerate JSON schema from JSON.
166,278233peatio-litecoin-jrubyLitecoin Peatio gem which implements Peatio::Blockchain::Abstract & Peatio::Wallet::Abs...
166,278233peatio-bitcoincash-jrubyBitcoincash Peatio gem which implements Peatio::Blockchain::Abstract & Peatio::Wallet::...
166,278233mini_assertSuper fast gem for testing stuff
166,278233ruby_graphA simple graph-library for ruby
166,290232git_stage_formatterScript to transform staged files using a formatting command
166,290232muncraftA simple hello world gem
166,290232je_studio_gameThe [Pragmatic Studios]( game created in their Learn Ruby c...
166,290232foodie_sachFoodie gem all about foodie people
166,290232jxpodWrite a longer description or delete this line.
166,290232kamustaA simple hello world gem
166,290232rubocop-brickdocGem containing the rubocop.yml config that corresponds to the implementation of the Bri...
166,290232villanelleVillanelle: coming soon.
166,290232paper_tagNew tag system!
166,290232some-aiThis gem includes some AI to use in your projets.
166,290232mb-sound-jackffiA Ruby FFI interface to the JACK Audio Connection Kit