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175601-175620 of all 175,678 gems.
175,598121protocol-quicQUIC protocol implementation using ngtcp2.
175,598121google-apis-migrationcenter_v1alpha1This is the simple REST client for Migration Center API V1alpha1. Simple REST clients a...
175,598121google-apis-datalineage_v1This is the simple REST client for Data Lineage API V1. Simple REST clients are Ruby cl...
175,598121bridgetown-deploy_hookAdd a Bridgetown hook triggered by HTTP for running post-deploy actions
175,598121imc_zicaCalculates the IMC by passing the weight and height of a person
175,606120enum_machine-contribextensions and tools for enum_machine
175,606120logstash-input-s3-cosThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
175,606120simple_trailSimpleTrail makes it easy to keep a history of attribute changes on a model
175,609119infinum_azureAuthentication mechanism for Rails apps with devise via OAuth2
175,609119ruby_shopify_appThis gem is used to get quickly started with the Shopify API
175,609119codex32Ruby implementation of codex32
175,609119async_flowDurable async workflow orchestration engine for Ruby
175,613117depryveHassle-free copy/pasting of Ruby console output.
175,613117convertmeRequire convertme and pass the currencies + amount to convert to different currencies!
175,615116metanorma-plugin-glossaristMetanorma plugin for glossarist
175,615116bluejayA fast GraphQL engine.
175,615116jekyll-minimaA beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll.
175,618114ductr-sqliteAllows rocket to interact with SQLite DMBS.
175,619113diskcatalogCreate disk catalog.
175,619113birdelSend json messages to your actors and get view_components back! Now you can be sure tha...