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175681-175700 of all 176,810 gems.
175,681286hola_cerberinaA simple hello world gem
175,681286arithmetic_problemsA gem to generate unique arithmetic i.e, addition, problems
175,681286activeadmin_ueditorAn Active Admin plugin to use Ueditor Rich Text Editor
175,681286typewriteA simple gem to add a typewriter effect to console output.
175,681286active_record_aliased_joinsAdds method to set an alias while adding a join
175,686285json_or_ruby_to_csvThis gem converts arrays of JSON objects, arrays of hashes, arrays of ActionController ...
175,686285blade-gptblade gpt
175,686285validates_associated_with_contextAdds validates_associated_with_context to models to validate associated models with val...
175,686285mk-nn-hello-gemGem tutorial!
175,690284bryton-liteBare bones implementation of the Bryton testing protocol
175,690284researchable_jwt-authenticableResearchable's JwtAuthenticable relies on Json Web Tokens to deal with authentication.
175,690284ip2regionip2region ruby version.
175,690284mdiA view helper for Ruby on Rails that renders inline SVG icons from the Material Design ...
175,694283fiber-storageProvides a compatibility shim for fiber storage.
175,696282persistence-detectorMany programs run automatically at system startup. We call these persistent auto-start ...
175,696282pubmedlySearch the NIH database for medical research.
175,696282sidekiq-tamerA simple way to protect your resources from Sidekiq scaling
175,696282resymaA regular syntax matcher facilitating DSL's construction
175,700281codigo_postalValidate, format and get the corresponding Brazilian state for a CEP without making HTT...