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175621-175640 of all 180,342 gems.
175,618929cakemail-next-genThis library allows you to quickly and easily use the Cakemail Next-gen API via Ruby.
175,622928unity-dependencyUnity Dependency
175,622928jtriefast prefix tree implementation
175,622928kramdown-mermaidExtended Kramdown syntax for mermaid.js
175,622928actioncable_redis-reconnectA patch for ActionCable Redis that reconnects after it disconnects
175,622928shotgun_rubyA ruby gem adaptation of the shotgun screenshot tool for linux. Creates a .pam screensh...
175,627927railedWrite a longer description or delete this line.
175,627927readmeExtractorSimple gem to extract md and rdoc files from .gem
175,627927grpc-restGenerate Rails controllers and routes from gRPC definitions.
175,627927modern_treasury[WIP] This gem is for a Modern Treasury API Client
175,627927too_heavy_gemThis gem has 17,576 classes and 38,614,472 methods.I made this to check the performance...
175,627927ohheA simple hello dhaka gem
175,627927sprockets-jetsSprockets Jets Integration
175,635926myPlantShopThis is my Plant Shop!
175,635926view_component-juiceAdding an Elm inspired turbo interface into view components
175,635926colorutilsCommon methods to work with colors.
175,635926tempo-ruby🚀 Ruby Tempo Client
175,635926fastlane-plugin-update_associated_domainsThis plugin changes the associated domains in the entitlements file