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175621-175640 of all 175,678 gems.
175,621112openai-ruby-clientA Ruby gem designed to provide developers with a convenient and easy-to-use client libr...
175,621112connpass_eventevent search in connpass
175,621112stackone_hris_clientStackOne Unified API client for enhanced integrations with HRIS systems
175,621112deepaliMy awesome gem
175,625111errordeckAn errordeck client for ruby
175,625111devise-twilio-verifyTwilio Verify plugin to add two factor authentication to Devise. This gem is meant to m...
175,627110chataiA simple CLI for ChatGPT
175,628109studio_game_jabThe Pragmatic Studio Ruby Course Project
175,628109avchiits a test script
175,630108active_outboxA Transactional Outbox implementation for ActiveRecord
175,631107parity_propertyThis is a practice gem
175,631107gc_tunerGet suggestions to tune Ruby's garbage collector
175,631107PragStudio_Game_Generator__# pragstudio # pragstudio
175,631107mirrSetting mirror for linux distro, ruby gems, docker and more
175,635103go_transit_rubyRuby Interface for the Go Transit API
175,636102cocoapods-dependencies-listList dependencies from cocoapods in an easily parseable format.
175,637101mini-aasmA State Machine library intended to be compatible with lightweight implementations of t...
175,638100semverifyA Gem to parse and compare semver versions AND bump versions for Ruby Gems
175,638100duolingo_personal_dataDuolingo Personal Data gem is for loading Duolingo Personal Data, which can be acquired...
175,64099lsqpackA wrapper gem of the ls-qpack library. It strongly influenced by pylsqpack. It has same...