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176801-176820 of all 178,161 gems.
176,800313accepts_nested_attributes_for_public_idA patch for Rails to support using a public ID column instead of ID for use with accept...
176,800313cyrus_gssapi_ldapThis is a placeholder package. Please reach out for removal.
176,800313deprecatedrbAn API for deprecating APIs.
176,800313yaml_to_structconverts a Yaml String to a nested Struct
176,800313ecommerceshopppingcartgemShopping cart processor
176,800313trilogy_w_prepared_statementsA friendly MySQL-compatible library for Ruby, binding to libtrilogy
176,807312miniskyA very simple client class that lets you log in to the Bluesky API and make any request...
176,807312hindi_name_to_english_converterA gem for convert hindi name into english properly not translated
176,807312lingua-rubyRuby (Rust) gem wrapper around Lingua library.
176,807312snap_businessThe official Snap Business SDK for Ruby for interacting with the Snap Conversion API an...
176,807312custom_gem_satyamIts a Test Gem
176,807312emilianolch_parity_propPartitions an array of integers based on its parity
176,813311jekyll-atom-feedA Jekyll plugin to generate an Atom feed of your Jekyll posts
176,813311epsillaEpsillaDB is a scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective vector database
176,813311pdk-rubocopA Gem that provides Rubocop configuration to Puppet Modules and Tools.
176,813311coffeebrew_jekyll_docsA Jekyll theme for Coffee Brew Apps documentation.
176,813311dry-openapi-cliGenerate dry-schema or/and dry-validation classes from OpenAPI 3 specification
176,813311omniauth-vatsimssoOmniAuth strategy for VATSIM OAuth2.
176,813311rails_commentsRailsComments is a modern comments engine for Ruby on Rails.