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138481-138500 of all 138,851 gems.
61,1751medularis-daemons_commonLibrary contaning common features shared by the Medularis Click-To-Call Daemons, suppor...
61,1751hq-mongodb-installerHQ standalone MongoDB installation and configuration script
61,1751fis-testReally simple testing framework used at Flatiron School
61,1751fickle-rubyExperimental machine learning REST API client.
61,1751f2breadA simple gem that reads 'fail2ban.log' and displays statistics
61,1751dvi_scrapeThe gem for the Doppler Value Investing web site
61,1751drbdumpdrbdump is a tcpdump-like tool for the dRuby protocol. It allows you to inspect the me...
61,1751qreportAutomatically creates materialized report tables from a SQL query.
61,1751palettetownA simple ruby DSL for writing vim schemes
61,1751loyal_acts_as_paranoidActive Record (~>3.2) plugin which allows you to hide and restore records without actua...
61,1751logger-colorruby logger with color
61,1751everestFIX ME
61,1751atosRuby on Rails gateway for SIPS/ATOS french online payments API
61,1751redundant_mathRedundant math library.
61,1751punchtabRuby wrapper for PunchTab API. PunchTab is the world's first instant loyalty platform.
61,1751peek-env_varsTake a peek into the ENV vars of your Rails application.
61,1751hash-to-conditionsThe HashToConditions gem provides an easy way to build ActiveRecord Array conditions di...
61,1751gooaImplementation of server-side google analytics tracking.
61,1751blazemeterProvide BlazeMeter functions as CLI
61,1751redis_objmethods for managing redis keys in an object oriented manner