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135,028307bootstrap_md_editorSimple Markdown editor styled with Bootstrap
135,028307tryingA poor man's pipes
135,028307calledJust to log down what methods are called and from where
135,028307lowfiveRspec Devise login and logout helpers.
135,028307Nordes-logstash-input-azureblobThis gem is a Logstash plugin. It reads and parses data from Azure Storage Blobs.
135,028307fearless_flyerProvides information on the products featured on the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer website
135,028307hacking_mass_scorekeeperFind the relative standings of a subset of the HACKING MASS field.
135,028307view_tool_trighhornProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications
135,050306syoung_view_toolGenerates html data for Rails applications
135,050306boomboxAn incredibly tiny Shoutcast server that can be embedded into Ruby applications.
135,050306simpleweather-railsintegrates simpleWeather.js with Rails Asset Pipeline
135,050306instascript_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
135,050306regrapher-railsProvides convenience logger to format events and metric values in the regrapher format
135,, -41.000).move(5, :miles, :north) => [lat: 32.333, long: -...
135,050306sass_folderMy gem will help you build sass folder quickly and clearly.
135,050306stuartambient_view_toolJust outputs name and year and copyright symbol
135,050306encapsulateA small framework that enables encapsulating pieces of code within eachother.
135,050306covfefeEnsure positive covfefe for your tests
135,050306puppet-lint-anchor-checkA check for puppet-lint that validates no anchor resources are used