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135041-135060 of all 141,489 gems.
135,021591prct6lppGema para la prácticas de laboratorio 6, 7, 8 y 9, con la clase Dieta y Lista.
135,021591prct11_eduPractica 999999999 de Lenguajes y Paradigmas de la Programaci├│n
135,021591cansongrpc based webframework
135,021591introspectMakes digging deeper into Ruby objects easier.
135,045590consul-templaterbA ruby implementation of Consul Template with support of erb templating with hi-perform...
135,045590cancancan-baby_squeelImplements CanCanCan's rule-based record fetching using BabySqueel.
135,045590diffityRails integration for diffity service
135,045590rack-paramsRack parameter validation and type coercion.
135,045590security-onigirisecurity onigiri: jekyll theme for translated articles
135,045590akamai-edge_authAkamai EdgeAuth token generator for TokenAuth setting in Media Live Streaming Packaging...
135,045590evilgenius_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails aplication
135,045590ost_runnerUse Ost as your ActiveJob backend
135,045590moneygmA simple money conversor gem
135,045590khiekmann-github-io-layout* is a Minima-based one-size-fits-all Jekyll theme for khiekm...
135,045590cloudrail_siThe CloudRail SI SDK for Ruby, a simple, universal, unified API for the most popular cl...
135,045590grootSimple token authentication and authorization solution for Rails with JWT.
135,045590typi_railsGemified version of Typi (
135,045590blueberry_cmsDescription of BlueberryCMS.
135,045590surveillanceAllows you to give your users the ability to create polls in your Rails app
135,045590notify-on-railsnotify-on-rails is a simple standard Bootstrap alerts notifications.