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135041-135060 of all 138,877 gems.
135,042446itrg_rubocop_configA plugin to allow the sharing of RuboCop settings across different projects.
135,042446test_driven_lightingprovides sender and receiver classes for entities that want to change the bulbs, and th...
135,042446akamai-edge_authAkamai EdgeAuth token generator for TokenAuth setting in Media Live Streaming Packaging...
135,042446austb-tty-promptA beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt with a robust API for getting ...
135,042446hitblocksA API wrapper for API.
135,042446water_cannonWrite a longer description or delete this line.
135,042446reward_expertThis is an API client for RewardExpert services
135,042446embulk-parser-none-binEmbulk parser plugin not to parse at all.
135,042446nombregenerate nombre-only PDF
135,042446mitchMitch is a gem, dude.
135,042446nickcool_view_toolsProvides generated html code for rails applications
135,042446pa_billreaderThis gem will scrape the house and senate websites to get bill numbers, descriptions, a...
135,042446linner-hcHTML5 Application Assembler
135,042446funtime_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications..
135,042446manifoldcoRuby client for Manifold's API
135,042446magvarMagnetic variation calculation ported from FlightGear
135,042446jekyll-cv-crafterJekyll powered CV generator. Features: - Lightweight - just 3 files: yml with informati...
135,059445tiny_structBuild Struct classes that do less.
135,059445picobrew-apiProvides a library to access your Picobrew data
135,059445multi_cacheFramework to help you easily manage caches under multiple keys