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135,040168cdm_migratorPulls ContentDM metadata and object links into a CSV. Then allows you to upload that CS...
135,040168foreman_cfsslA Foreman plugin that uses CFSSL to generate certificates
135,040168aliyun-email-ruby-sdkAliyun email push sdk.
135,044167apisyncOfficial client to
135,044167App_View_Tool"this test is for my thing im doing with thing"
135,044167foreman_snapshot_managementForeman-plugin to manage snapshots in a vSphere environment.
135,044167http_fpHttp client that levrage the use of fp principle
135,048165gridstack-railsRails gridstack.js library integration. All credits for the javascript library its-self...
135,049164lato_blogLato is a modular management system for Rails
135,049164log_decoratorActs as a proxy to a configurable underlying logging mechanism, permitting the code...
135,049164active_admin_excel_uploadactive_admin_excel_upload gem brings convention over configuration for your excel uploa...
135,052163bolso-furadoTag your old articles on Pocket as "bolso-furado"
135,052163jekyll-posts_by_yearPatches to make Jekyll less insane and easier
135,052163evntCQRS and Event Driven Development architecture for Ruby projects
135,055162flexparserA flexible and robust parser-dsl.
135,055162typescript_bridgeThis gem provides a bridge between ruby and typescript.
135,055162mastercard_merchant_checkoutMastercard Masterpass Merchant V7 Checkout SDK.
135,055162mbedtlsA gem that lets you use the mbed TLS cryptography library with Ruby.
135,055162colorful-exceptionsRecolors exception backtraces. Compatible with most software.
135,060161release_robotAutomate release tasks