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135041-135060 of all 144,902 gems.
135,026736star_wars_ship_fakerCreates Fake Ship Names in the style of Star Wars
135,026736redeemableExtendable Coupon System
135,026736guildPlace holder for Guild class.
135,026736sitarYou can used C method only to extend module with Sitar and load shared library.
135,026736enpit_weatherWrite a longer description or delete this line.
135,046735resinioAdded simple device and application endpoints only for now
135,046735embulk-output-mongodb_nestDumps records to Mongodb with subdocument
135,046735namekoRuby binding for Mecab, Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer.
135,046735yumImprove your cooking skills
135,046735merkletreemerkletree - build your own crypto hash trees; named after Ralph Merkle who patented ha...
135,046735github_api-v4-clientA very thin GitHub GraphQL API v4 client
135,046735texstylistProduces a TeX document from a document+style specification pair. Use with the texstyle...
135,046735trileansTrileans are three-valued objects
135,046735thronThron APIs ruby client
135,046735bfaThe Graphical Fragment Assembly (GFA) is a proposed format which allow to describe ...
135,046735raku_test01Write a longer description or delete this line.
135,046735conservative_etagsA Gem for helping to manage page staleness, compatible with Turbolinks 5.
135,046735ithosRuby client library for Ithos, a modern LDAP-like directory server with support for sto...
135,046735uplrUploads the specified file to the given server. Progress is shown via system notificati...