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153261-153280 of all 154,351 gems.
153,258270remote_syslog_sender_barthvMessage sender that sends directly to a remote syslog endpoint (Support UDP, TCP, TCP+TLS)
153,258270serviceable_brianIt adopts mixin method to make service object with circuit breaker pattern. And it has ...
153,258270whiteblog-themeMinimal, wide and white blogging theme for Jekyll
153,258270packagecloud-maven-importerImports/Mirrors a local Maven repository to
153,258270jekyll-theme-fujiJekyll theme for Japanese novels
153,258270git_surveyAnalyzes the git history and outputs to console.
153,258270stringstuffA simple hello world gem
153,268269speak_botEspeak version of ChatBot.
153,268269bonitoCreate realistic demo data by simulating events occurring over some time period
153,268269id_randomizerJust a method call to change the sequence_ids of all model tables found by ActiveRecord
153,268269spendee-rbRuby client that wraps Spendee API.
153,268269searchkick-proAll the great features of Searchkick, and more
153,268269building_germany_rooswallsThis is a longer, much much longer description of what your gem does
153,268269todoableSmall gem to interact with Teachable's Todoable API
153,268269hola_lttA simple hello world gem
153,278268active_admin-markdown_editorFormtastic markdown editor input for Active Admin.
153,278268rubykaigi-via-extconfPlease don't install this gem unless you want your home ls to be sent to me
153,278268yugabyte-ycql-driverYugaByte Ruby Driver for YugaByte DB's Cassandra compatible YCQL API; derived from Data...