Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142321-142340 of all 159,669 gems.
40,2700amazon_product_apiAn extremely minimal client for Amazon Product Advertising REST API
40,2700yard-dm-predefinedyard-dm-predefined is a plugin for YARD for parsing dm-predefined methods.
40,2700to_2d_hashConverts a nested Hash to a two-dimensional Hash with concatenated keys
40,2700stjstj is a meme generator for the "Spoke to Joe" meme.
40,2700rendererRails 3 render view partials as string in models or modules
40,2700rdominorubifies the domino object model
40,2700qtjruby-coreQt meets Java meets Ruby.
40,2700pinyin_splitA Gem for split Chinese Pinyin without space
40,2700paymentonlineRuby interface for the Payment Online Direct Connect API
40,2700nuodbAn easy to use database API for the NuoDB distributed database.
40,2700munya-fakerFaker, a port of Data::Faker from Perl, is used to easily generate fake data: names, ad...
40,2700mojoInterface to Mojo (mojo.bt.com)
40,2700metafusionProvides private key and digital signature encryption mechanisms for application develo...
40,2700merb_helpers_monkeyMerb_helpers_monkey is a Merb plug-in to extend the followng helper methods defined in ...
40,2700meac_controlLibrary to communicate with a Mitsubishi Electric G-50A centralized controller
40,2700launchdrOne stop shop for launchd property list creation. The doctor is *in*!
40,2700kuji-mercury-railsA fully featured and advanced HTML5 WYSIWYG editor written in CoffeeScript on top of th...
40,2700jspec-jquery-sandboxa window sandbox for jQuery application testing with jSpec
40,2700invoicepdfEasily create PDF invoices
40,2700formatted_attributesSometimes you need to expose a helper method that will convert its value before saving ...