Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142361-142380 of all 159,669 gems.
40,2700ontomde-plugin-rsm6== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * FIX (list of features or problems) == SYNOPSIS: FIX (code sa...
40,2700mysmallidea-address_standardizationA tiny Ruby library to quickly standardize a postal address
40,2700mybotLocal and remote tasks with ease
40,2700libdevinputThis ruby library makes it easy to read events from linux event devices. These device f...
40,2700hyperdochypertextual documents using plain old data structures
40,2700guard-stendhalGuard::Stendhal automatically runs your specs with stendhal
40,2700gjastrab-evergreenRun Jasmine JavaScript unit tests, integrate them into Ruby applications.
40,2700giraffesShows you a giraffe right from your command line! Thanks to Bryan Woods and Kitty.
40,2700dryftDefine WinAutomation procedures that can be included elsewhere without consistency issues.
40,2700cuke-islandStandalone generator for a lightly configured web_step rich cucumber capybara chromedri...
40,2700campfire-bot_alexcheeThis is a bot for 37 Signals’ Campfire chat service.
40,2700backchannelMulticast-based peer-to-peer text chat
40,2700authhubRails plugin to interface with authhub.
40,2700welementsRuby API for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather data
40,2700ticketfly-apiTicketfly API
40,2700showtubeShowtube is a youtube videos show.
40,2700script_flowWhen you rendering the ERB templates/partials, utility remembers javascript syntax and ...
40,2700s3-ruby== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Full REST API support * Support for streams * no tests at this...
40,2700rspec_explainI'd like to write simple methods with simple specs so this gem gonna be easy to use...
40,2700roledA Access Control List gem to dynamicly control Authorization for users and groups.