Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142301-142320 of all 159,806 gems.
131,4620seiso-import_masterSupports self-service data management via version control, e.g. by using GitHub.
131,4620youtubelisema gem
131,4620yelp_itGems gems and gems
131,4620xmlserviceCall IBM i PGM, SRVPGM, CMD, PASE
131,4620webpack_assetsadd webpack build into assets:precompile
131,4620vettuSplits a file cryptographically and merges back when called for merge
131,4620type_constraintsType constraint system for Ruby
131,4620truemanEasily assert truthy and falsy values on strings integers
131,4620toughguySimple MongoDB ORM
131,4620thenga-machingaThis application splits and merges
131,4620statistranoDeployment tool focused on static sites. Has different modes for releases with rollback...
131,4620stackmanagerNo Description Yet
131,4620spree_improved_searchBetter search for Spree stores
131,4620simpreA super simple presenter implementation for Rails apps
131,4620simple_mobile_oauthVery Heyook projects opinionated mobile OAuth solution.
131,4620simplels_gemlist all the files in a particular folder
131,4620serbia_zip_codesEasy access to Serbia zip codes. You can search zip code by city, or city by zip code.
131,4620sequel_uuid_prefixSequel Model plugin that adds [0-9a-z] unique id prefixed by a custom string.
131,4620seiso-connectorVery basic at this point. Plan to support pagination, sorting, searching and more in th...
131,4620wisper-active_trackerSubscribe to changes on ActiveRecord models