Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142341-142360 of all 159,669 gems.
40,2700deferred_jobDeferred Jobs
40,2700console_splashAllows developers to give programs a vim-esq splash screen
40,2700afstatsdA StatsD library with AppFirst Extensions
40,2700total_recallTurn any csv into a Ledger journal
40,2700timestamped_loggerAdds timestamps to logs. Adds formating for adding backtraces to logs. Allows sub mes...
40,2700textorize-mrTextorize is a OS X utility to render subpixel antialised strings into PNG files.
40,2700rubymine2xcode-themeA tool for converting Rubymine XML theme files into Xcode theme files
40,2700pleasevalidateA little markup validator.
40,2700pixelQuickly calculate the new dimensions of a resized image by giving it the original dimen...
40,2700newextdescription of gem
40,2700looprunlooprun is a simple script to repeatedly execute shell commands after they exit - for e...
40,2700inflationFind out how much money was worth any year from 1800 to now.
40,2700hyperpdfRuby wrapper around the HyperPDF API
40,2700fallocatefallocate is a fast method for allocating real disk space for files
40,2700edgar-rackRack provides minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web applications ...
40,2700cronySpell-checker for cron expressions
40,2700ardtweenoArdtweeno - Application Gateway bridges device connected through a serial link to devic...
40,2700sinatra-documentationTools for creating a simple web API
40,2700rss-nokogiriEnable starndard bundled RSS library to use Nokogiri as a parser.
40,2700openlogic-turnTURN is a new way to view Test::Unit results. With longer running tests, it can be very...