Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153601-153620 of all 155,350 gems.
39,1580em-spamcImplementation of the "spamc" protocol for EventMachine
39,1580codders-feedzirraA feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan...
39,1580bbc_cucumber_saladA gem to manage the usage of cucumber/mocking/multiple devices
39,1580backgrounderCreate background jobs using Redis with ease.
39,1580vineyardRubygem for interacting w/ Vine's API
39,1580sinatra-datamapperEasily integrate DataMapper with Sinatra
39,1580simple_growl-guardSimpleGrowl integration with guard
39,1580pmA superset of Capistrano deployment solution, that ease the creation, deployment and ba...
39,1580nutritionixNutritionix API ruby wrapper
39,1580nannyNanny helps you find valid Torrent links from CLI
39,1580linkifierEnables other rails applications to register Linkify resources and remotely update Link...
39,1580knodesSee API documentation at http://developer.knod.es/
39,1580keithKeith makes shit happen
39,1580kanboardGenerate a kanboard from a textile file
39,1580harrowThe Harrow client gem
39,1580greennygemA simple hello world gem
39,1580github-mergeScript that merges multiple GitHub repositories into a new, single repository.
39,1580cullenderCreate reverse queries and add them to elasticsearch to trigger an event any time a new...
39,1580contactifyBuilds the form to get contacts on your site using reCaptcha and the Rails resources fo...
39,1580coffee-redux-railsCoffeeScriptRedux adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.