Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153621-153640 of all 157,140 gems.
36,7080zikaronDead-simple caching with Redis.
36,7080usbmuxConnecting and communicating to iDevices over USB
36,7080toy-verbsAllows to use routing verbs directly inside a Rails controller
36,7080todo_time_patternsTodo time patterns is a small library that helps you to parse different time patter...
36,7080tassadar-serverA web service interface to the tassadar Starcraft 2 replay parser
36,7080survivalA gem that provides survival analysis functionality
36,7080soft_delete-railsSimple and unobtrusive soft delete for rails
36,7080rails_hacksCustomized rails hacks
36,7080rack_profRack middleware for profiling
36,7080piedesaintDrop-in web server to serve files and tar'ed directories. Use it as a tool to make avai...
36,7080omniauth-smartererOmniAuth strategy for smarterer
36,7080nerdwordPlay crossword games with your friends.
36,7080mongoid-preferencesPreferences with Mongoid
36,7080martinos-spork-testunitSpork plugin to enable Test::Unit support.
36,7080livecdrun livecds easily
36,7080http_sequenceLoads and replays sequences of HTTP requests from HAR (HTTP Archive) files.
36,7080holoA simple hello to my website gem
36,7080globalize3-jovotoRails I18n: de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord 3 model/data translation.
36,7080friendzModule include classes
36,7080fluent-plugin-resolvFluent plugin, IP address resolv and rewrite.