Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153561-153580 of all 157,140 gems.
36,7080rdiff3ruby diff3
36,7080my_string_extend_lmdThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
36,7080guard-copy2A Guard plugin to watch and copy files
36,7080env_http_proxyuse ENV['http_proxy'] for Net::HTTP
36,7080devise_token_auth_headersPatches Devise's token authentication strategy to add header-based token authentication...
36,7080batiksimple wrapper for batik's svg rasterizer
36,7080anywhereSimple wrapper for Net/SSH
36,7080send_to_kindleListen to OS modification then send an email to your kindle account to add documents
36,7080rudrud is a simple and powerful and pure-ruby webserver with rack-support and more. It p...
36,7080rossROSS is a ruby client for aliyun oss
36,7080rl_hiya_rohon_marekThis is an exercise for Day3 in rubylearning.org
36,7080rails-pagesA really simple rails engine, serving text files from app/pages as HTML (currently only...
36,7080rails-jasny-bootstrap-extensionDeploy jasny's bootstrap extension as a gem in your rails app with formbuilders for for...
36,7080prag_prog_game# Ruby Game This is the game built in the Pragmatic Studios Ruby Programming course.
36,7080pavlovPavlov is a opinionated toolbox to help you architect your Ruby project.
36,7080mini-mini-profilerSimple Profiler for learning about Rails Development
36,7080gretel-erbEOS This is a significant fork of Lasse Bunk's rails gem 'gretel' (http://github.com/la...
36,7080form_modelA Library to create Form objects to encapsulate forms
36,7080destroyed_record_collectorGem for collecting the deleted record for ActiveRecord to a new table named as (origina...