Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153541-153560 of all 157,140 gems.
36,7080rubyconfbd2013_helloA very basic gem demonstration for RubyConfBD 2013
36,7080rl_hiya_tang_titanThe library says a friendly hiya to all users
36,7080rl_hiya_h_jezreljaneGreets Hi to all RubyLearning participants
36,7080rl_hiya_bapat_anandThe library adds a method called hiya which prints Hiya All upon invocation
36,7080rails_resetSimple rake task to reset your app for development/testing
36,7080powercontroller9202A Ruby GEDCOM to communicate with an Aviosys Inc. 9202 IP Power Controller (and associa...
36,7080ot-ios-builderA set of Rake tasks and utilities for building and releasing iOS apps
36,7080my_string_extend_kaurvakiThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
36,7080my_ancestryMake search of objects parents/childrem/brothers
36,7080LittleWeaselSimple spellchecker for single, or multiple word blocks.
36,7080idoAllows you to follow the git-flow with auto adding time tracking to your harvest account
36,7080heroku-anvil-factorAlternate Heroku build workflow without Thor for Factor
36,7080e_pochtaRuby gem for EPochta API 3.0 - an email and sms service www.epochta.ru
36,7080easy-bootstrapAbletech's version of Twitter Bootstrap
36,7080crushinatorCreate Crushinator style css animation from animation sequence files
36,7080activerecord_csiImplements the ActiveRecord pattern (Fowler, PoEAA) for ORM. It ties database tables an...
36,7080yamln8torProvides syntax checking on YAML files over Rails' i18n framework file structure
36,7080unmanglerUnmangles mangled C++/Delphi names"
36,7080spadeioIntelligent content scraping - Ruby driver, see http://spade.io for more.
36,7080sigameAllow users to follow each other.