Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
156301-156320 of all 160,599 gems.
39,0250s3-deployUploads a folder to S3. On a new upload it checks if the file was updated locally, else...
39,0250rspec-infrastructurePerform high level specification and testing of your application infrastructure and env...
39,0250rddRDD - Readme Driven Development - runs examples found in README files
39,0250raphaeljs-maps-railsMaps for Raphael JavaScript library
39,0250radiationDecay Radiation
39,0250numberwangAdds a method to determine whether any number is Numberwang.
39,0250kitchen-scribeKnife plugin for tracking your chef configuration changes
39,0250itineraryA Ruby gem to keep track of travel itineraries.
39,0250geneconconvert template file(erb) to your favorit format.
39,0250framework_guesserDetection of framework and javascript libraries from HTML code.
39,0250colonelGem for managing cron jobs with web GUI
39,0250cinch-seenCinch Plugin to allow users to find out how long it's been since a user was active
39,0250archiverbNative Ruby implementations of tar and ar archives
39,0250wioa command-line tool for developing wordpress sites
39,0250tvrageSimple library to access the TVRage XML feeds
39,0250trejoNavigation links with active states based on current path
39,0250studio_game_vipart of ruby training
39,0250sf_migrateSalesForce to SugarCRM migration tool
39,0250salesforkliftSalesforce Bulk API ruby wrapper.
39,0250ping-middlewareMiddleware that responds to simple keep alive pings