Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
156281-156300 of all 160,575 gems.
40,9440tubemptubemp is a tiny web-application which creates and serves thumbnail-images from YouTube...
40,9440TheresNoBoxThere's No Box utililty Library
40,9440tablelingAsync table plugin based on Backbone Marionette.
40,9440stepdown-patchedStepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps a...
40,9440rubymotion-observerA RubyMotion compatible version of Ruby's 'observer' lib
40,9440rake_pidManage pid file when run a rake task
40,9440passvaultA secure password vault on a smartcard, protected by a master password. Intended for us...
40,9440mudflyMudfly is a Ruby wrapper for the PageSpeed Insights API.
40,9440friflaj_ri_calA new Ruby implementation of RFC2445 iCalendar. The existing Ruby iCalendar libraries ...
40,9440fluent-plugin-redeliversimple tag-based redeliver plugin
40,9440durable_callInvoke methods DRY and safely with parameterized retries, timeouts and logging
40,9440decemberDecember helps developers automate things like server installation and deployment.
40,9440bashimRead bash.im citation
40,9440ads-railsHelper to create the google adsense include tag in rails.
40,9440uuid4r-candyClass/Module Candy For gem uuid4r
40,9440untangleLeightweight dependency API for your POROs
40,9440time-utilsSome useful time utilities
40,9440thor-levenshteinThor that suggest possible commands when you make a typo.