Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
162381-162400 of all 162,430 gems.
50,9700lunaScriptable macroing client for Java games, written in Ruby.
50,9700holla_backA simple Ruby gem for providing a response standard to your libraries
50,9700craigslist_scrapera gem that scrapes craigslist data
50,9700transactionsA small but powerful command line application to help manage finances. Transactions...
50,9700mongodumpMongodump dump the remote mongolab or mongohq databases and fetch data to the local dat...
50,9700gem-ripper-tagsfast and accurate ctags generator on gem install
50,9700seeuia mobile library seeui implementation for compass
50,9700lookituia mobile library lookit UI implementation for compass
50,9700extract-sass-varsExtracts global variables from a Sass file into a json object.
50,9700mailtruckMailtruck helps with testing features that involve sending and receiving email from ext...
50,9700jquery-taggable-railsjquery-taggable-rails is simple javascript to make tags.
50,9700rubylet-rack-handlerRack::Handler using rubylet-rack and Jetty or Tomcat
50,9700minesRuby in Mines is a framework for creating data mining application prototypes that focus...
50,9700narratorStraightforward and flexable activity tracking for rails.
50,9700shoppinglistSimple shopping list gem
50,9700rubylet-rackJava Servlet implementation that forwards to Rack application
50,9700kb-bashBash runner plugin for Kitchen Busser (kb)
50,9700html2js-railsCompile AngularJS templates to Javascript files
50,9700ecm_user_areaECM User Area.
50,9700dorbInteract with the Digital Ocean API in an idiomatic ruby way.